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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Runescape Woodcutting Guide

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Woodcutting Guide List<==

Cutting trees is a simple task, but some trees fall easier than others. Any hatchet will work, but remember that the better the axe, the easier it will be to get wood. Now just click on the tree to chop it down.

If you chop a regular tree you will get 1 stack of logs, while others will give several stacks. If you keep missing the tree and can’t chop it down, just keep trying and eventually you will cut it down. The higher your level, the easier it will be to get logs.


As mentioned before, better hatchets will cut trees quicker than others. There are currently 8 different kinds of hatchets, each requiring a certain woodcutting level to use.

Woodcutting Axes

Picture Hatchet Woodcutting Level

Bronze 1

Iron 1

Steel 6

Black 6

Mithril 21

Adamant 31

Rune 41

Dragon 61


Machetes are mainly used to chop through the Jungle Brush on Karamja Island. There are no requirements to use these, but the types of brush you can cut will require you to have a specific Woodcutting level (those are included below).

To get these, you can either buy them from Gabooty in Tai Bwo Wannai with Trading Sticks, or you can have them made by Safta Doc if you bring him the materials.


Picture Machete Required Materials

Regular None

Opal · 300 Trading Sticks

· 3 Opals cut/uncut

· 1 Gout Tuber Plant

Jade · 600 Trading Sticks

· 3 Jades cut/uncut

· 1 Gout Tuber Plant

Red Topaz · 1200 Trading Sticks

· 3 Red Topaz cut/uncut

· 1 Gout Tuber Plant

Bird Nests

Sometimes while chopping a tree, a Bird’s Nest will fall out. Pick it up and search it - you may find something valuable inside! Bird Nests can also be crushed by Members with a Pestle and Mortar and mixed to make a Saradomin’s Brew.

A Rabbit-Foot Necklace can be crafted, and it significantly increases your chances of getting a bird’s nest while woodcutting.

Broken Axes

From time to time, your Axe’s head may fly off, but it’s very easy to fix. Simply pick the axe’s Head up off the ground (pick it up quickly so that it doesn’t disappear), and use it with the Handle to re-attach it.

Other times, it won’t be as easy. An Ent may grab your axe and break it, so that you can no longer use it to chop trees. Just bring it to Bob’s Axe Store in Lumbridge to have him fix it for a price.



While exploring the land, you will most likely come across different kinds of trees; many of which are more difficult to chop and require more skill than a Regular Tree. Some can be found while traveling along the road, while others can only be found in out-of-the-way places.


Picture Tree Woodcutting Level Woodcutting Experience Locations & Special Uses

Regular or Evergreen 1 25 Regular: Throughout RuneScape

Dead: Throughout RuneScape

Jungle: Ape Atoll

Elf: Isafdar Forest

Dead 1 25 Found in High-Level Wilderness. Gives Charcoal when cut.

Achey 1 25 Only found in the Feldip Hills in the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest.

Scrapey 1 25 Only found during Trouble Brewing. It’s worth noting that unlike other level 1 trees, the Scrapey Tree has multiple logs.

Kharidian Cactus 1 10 Found in the Kharidian Desert, and cut with a Knife.

Light Jungle 10 32 Tai Bwo Wannai

Oak 15 37.5 Throughout RuneScape

Medium Jungle 20 55 Tai Bwo Wannai

Willow 30 67.5 South of the Legend’s Guild, Draynor Village, Rimmington, Lumbridge, around Seer’s Village.

Teak 35 85 Tai Bwo Wannai, Mos Le’ Harmless (through the Cave of Horrors), Ape Atoll, South-west of Castle Wars, Kharazi Jungle, Uzer.

Dense Jungle 35 80 Tai Bwo Wannai

Dramen 36 - Entrana Dungeon; used to make Dramen Staffs in the Lost City Quest.

Swaying 40 1 Only found in Rellekka; used to make Lyres.

Maple 45 100 Seers’ Village, Miscellania, around Rellekka. Currently there aren’t any found in freeplay.

Hollow 45 82.5 Swamp east of Canifis to make Splitbark Armor.

Mahogany 50 125 Tai Bwo Wannai, Mos Le’ Harmless (Through Cave of Horrors), Ape Atoll, Uzer.

Arctic Pine 54 40 Neitiznot island (during the Fremennik Isles quest); Logs used to make Fremennik shields

Dream 55 37 Found only in Dreamland during the Lunar Diplomacy Quest.

Yew 60 175 South of Camelot, south of Falador, Edgeville, Seers’ Village, behind Varrock Castle.

Magic 75 250 Tree Gnome Stronghold, south of Seers’ Village, near the Ranging Guild, in the Mage Training Arena, southwest of Lletya.



Canoes are yet another way to get from place to place in RuneScape, and they allow you to travel up and down the River Lum. There are several Canoes you can make, and the better ones can go further than others.

First, head to the Canoe Station of your choice:


Barbarian Village

Near the Champions’ Guild


Chop up a Canoe Tree with a Hatchet, and then select the “Shape Canoe” option. Next, select the type of canoe you’d like to make to see your character carve it out. Push it into the nearby water, select a destination, and you’re on your way! For more information about making them, see the Canoe Guide.


Canoe Woodcutting Level Woodcutting Experience

Log 12 30

Dugout 27 60

Stable Dugout 42 90

Waka 57 150

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Woodcutting Guide List<==

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