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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Runescape Crafting Guide

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Crafting Guide List<==

Pottery making is a great way to begin crafting because it gives a nice amount of experience and it’s fairly straightforward. It’s main purpose is to help you with cooking, since the things you make with it are used to hold ingredients.

Getting Started

First, mine some Clay from the west Varrock mine, and buy a jug from any local General Store. Fill it with water from a sink or fountain, and use it with the clay to create some Soft Clay. Head to the Barbarian Village, and use the soft clay with a Pottery Wheel inside one of the houses. Now use the pottery with the Pottery Oven to bake it into a useable item.


Picture Kind of Pottery Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Pot 1 12.6

Pie Dish 7 25

Bowl 8 33

Plant Pot 19 37.5

Pot Lid 25 40


Leather Working

Another good way to work on crafting is to make different kinds of armor from leather. If you have a few GP to spare, you can make a small profit from leather items.

Getting Started

Start by killing some Cows near Lumbridge, gathering their cow hides. You’ll also need some money, including 10gp to cross the toll gate, if you haven’t done the Prince Ali Rescue quest. Depending on your level (and what you want to make) Soft Leather costs 1gp, and Hard Leather costs 3gp each. You’ll also need a Needle (1gp) and some Thread (1gp), which lasts 5 leather items.

After you have your cow hides, head to Al Kharid, the desert town southeast of the Cow Pen. Find the Crafting Shop in the east and buy a Needle and Thread. The Tanner can be found in the west part of town, so speak to him and choose the type and number of leather you wish him to make from the graphical menu. Now use your needle with the leather and choose the item you wish to craft.

Leather Items

Picture Leather Item Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Gloves 1 13.8

Boots 7 16.3

Cowl 9 18.5

Vambraces 11 22

Leather Body 14 27

Chaps 18 27

Hard Leather Body 28 35

Coif 38 37

Studded Leather Body 41 40

Studded Leather Chaps 44 42


Studded Leather - Can be worn on the free world, but can only be made in the Member’s land. First craft either a Leather Body or some Chaps. Smith some studs from a steel bar, and then use those studs with the leather item.


Snakeskin Leather

If you’re a Member, you’ll have the ability to wear Snakeskin Armor, which is slightly stronger than regular leather.

Crafting this type of armor is just like making regular leather, and you’ll need some Thread and a Needle. Head to the village of Tai Bwo Wannai, located on the island of Karamja and kill some Bush Snakes to obtain their snakeskins. They must then be tanned by a Tanner for 15gp each, and then you can craft them into armor.

Snakeskin Armor

Picture Item Hides Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Boots 6 45 30

Vambraces 8 47 35

Bandana 5 48 45

Chaps 12 51 50

Body 15 53 55


Dragonhide Leather

Dragonhide Leather is available only to Members, but it is much stronger than regular Leather items. It’s made from the hide of Dragons, and there are 4 different kinds of Dragonhide:

Green - Level 79 Green Dragons in level 38 Wilderness.

Blue - Level 111 Blue Dragons in the Hero’s Guild and the Taverley Dungeon.

Red - Level 156 Red Dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon and around level 42 Wilderness.

Black - Level 227 Black Dragons in the Taverley Dungeon and King Black Dragon Dungeon.

Making Dragonhide Leather items is much like making regular Leather. You first need to kill some Dragons of the color you need and pick up their Dragonhide. Once you have all of the hides you need, bring them back to the Tanner in Al Kharid so that he can make them into Dragonhide Leather. Then just use a Needle and Thread as you normally would to make an item.

Vambraces requires 1 Dragonhide, Chaps require 2 pieces, and Bodies require 3.

Dragonhide Leather

Picture Item Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Green Vambraces 57 62

Green Chaps 60 124

Green Body 63 186

Blue Vambraces 66 70

Blue Chaps 68 140

Blue Body 71 210

Red Vambraces 73 78

Red Chaps 75 156

Red Body 77 234

Black Vambraces 79 86

Black Chaps 82 172

Black Body 84 258


Crafting Jewelry

After getting a bit more advanced at the art of crafting, it’s about time to move onto jewelry. You can get a huge profit from crafting jewelry, and many of the things you can make give lots of experience.

Quick Links

The Basics





Silver Items

The Basics

For each kind of jewelry you make, you will need several things to get started with crafting it. Your local crafting shops in Al Kharid and Rimmington will have many of the tools you need to get going.


You’ll need to smelt bars of either Silver or Gold in a furnace, depending on what you want to make. Silver Bars are used to make Holy & Unholy Symbols, while Gold is used to make Rings, Necklaces and Amulets.


After making your metal bars, use the bar with the furnace to smelt it and fill the mould. Moulds can be bought from the Crafting Shop in Al Kharid, most for around 5gp, with the exception of the Tiara Mould which costs around 100gp. There are 9 kinds of moulds:

Ring Mould - For making Rings.

Necklace Mould - For making Necklaces.

Amulet Mould - For making Amulets.

Holy Mould - For making Holy Symbols (of Saradomin).

Unholy Mould - For making Unholy Symbols (of Zamorak).

Sickle Mould - For making Silver Sickles.

Tiara Mould - For making Tiaras.

Conductor Mould - For making Lightning Conductors (with Silver).

Demonic Sigil Mould - For making Demonic Sigils (with Silver)

Other Tools

A Chisel can be used to cut gems so that they can be placed in your Jewelry.

To start making jewelry, use a bar of either silver or gold (depending on what you wish to make) with the furnace. A graphical screen will come up with choices of what you can make. Objects that you can craft will be colored in, while things you can’t make will be gray.



After getting a little better at crafting you will have a chance to put gems in your jewelry, which enhances possible abilities and makes it more valuable, on top of giving more experience. You first need to cut the gem and have it in your inventory when you make jewelry. Then just select the kind of jewelry you want to craft. Gems can be sold to either the gem trader in Al Kharid or Falador.


Picture Gem Level to Cut Crafting Experience

Uncut Cut

Opal 1 Cut: 15

Crush: 3.8

Jade 13 Cut: 20

Crush: 5

Red Topaz 16 Cut: 25

Crush: 6.3

Sapphire 20 50

Emerald 27 67.5

Ruby 34 85

Diamond 43 107.5

Dragonstone 55 137.5

Onyx 67 167.5

Crafting Notes - Crushed Gems

Opals, Jades, and Red Topaz can become a Crushed Gemstone if you fail to cut them. You will still receive a small amount of experience, however, and you can also crush them using a Pestle and Mortar.



Rings can be enchanted by members to make them more powerful and add some interesting effects when used. Both regular and enchanted rings can be worn on your hand, and un-enchanted ones can be sold to the Jeweler in Port Sarim. Check the Magic guide for more info about Enchanting.


Picture Ring Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Gold 5 15

Sapphire 20 40

Emerald 27 55

Ruby 34 70

Diamond 43 85

Dragonstone 55 100

Onyx 67 115



Necklaces generally have no purpose other than to look expensive, except for the Burthorpe Games Room Necklace and Necklace of Binding, explained in the Magic guide. They can also be sold to the Jeweller in Port Sarim.


Picture Necklace Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Gold 6 20

Sapphire 20 55

Emerald 29 60

Ruby 40 75

Diamond 56 90

Dragonstone 72 105

Onyx 82 120



One of the most valuable items that you can craft are amulets. They give lots of experience, their value is greater, and they can be enchanted. Check the Magic guide for more info about Enchanting.


Picture Amulet Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Gold 8 30

Sapphire 24 65

Emerald 31 70

Ruby 50 85

Diamond 70 100

Dragonstone 80 150

Onyx 90 165


Silver Items

Silver items require a mould for the object, as well as a Silver Bar. Just use a Silver Bar with a Furnace while carrying the mould, and you’ll be able to choose what you wish to make from a list of items.

Holy Symbols are powerful icons, crafted to honor the God Saradomin. You’ll need a Holy Symbol Mould to craft 1. When it’s blessed it will add 8 points to prayer, which slows the drain rate of your prayers.

Unholy Symbols will give the same bonus to your prayer, but it’s a Members-Only item. To make 1, you’ll need an Unholy Mould which can be obtained from the Spirit of Scorpius in the graveyard north of the Observatory after completing the Observatory Quest.

Silver Sickles are used in the Nature Spirit quest and are Members-Only. They require a Sickle Mould. For more info about blessing Holy and Unholy Symbols, check the Prayer Guide.

Tiaras are used in Runecrafting and require a Tiara Mould. Just craft the Tiara as you would make any other Silver item, and then bring it to the Runecrafting Altar of your choice, along with the same type of Talisman. Then just use the Tiara on the Talisman to enchant it into that type of Talisman. You can now wear it and have access to that Temple! Check out the Runecrafting guide for more info.

Silver Items

Picture Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Holy Symbol 16 50

Unholy Symbol 17 50

Silver Sickle 18 50

Lightning Conductor 20 50

Tiara 23 52.5


Stringing Objects

There are several things you’ll need to string before you can use them, including Amulets, Holy & Unholy Symbols, as well as bows.

Spinning Items

Picture Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Ball of Wool 1 2.5

Bowstring 10 15

Crossbow String 10 15

Magic String 19 30

Stringing Amulets

To string Amulets and Symbols, buy a pair of Shears from your local General Store. Use these on a sheep to get wool, and then spin the wool on a Spinning Wheel to get a ball of wool. Spinning wheels can be found in Lumbridge Castle, the Barbarian Village, Falador and Seer’s Village, to name a few places. Use the ball of wool with the Amulet or Symbol to string it.

Stringing Bows

To string a bow, you’ll need to pick some Flax from around Camelot Castle and spin it on a Spinning Wheel to make a Bow String. This can then be used with an unstrung bow to make it into a useable bow.

Stringing Crossbows

To string a Crossbow, you must already have the Crossbow Limbs and Stock attached to each other. Now, cook some Bear Meat (or Beef) over a fire, and choose to make it into Sinew rather than regular, edible meat). Spin the Sinew on a Spinning Wheel, and then attach the Crossbow String to your Crossbow (u) to finish it.

Tree Roots

You are able to spin Magic Tree Roots into Magic Strings for use on a Nature Amulet. To do this, just chop down a Magic Tree and use a Spade on the stump. You will dig out the roots, which can be spun on a spinning wheel into Magic String which can be used to string Nature Amulets (used in Farming to check on your crops).



To help you carry your Farmed produce around, Members are able to weave their own produce containers. You just need to bring the required items to the Loom in Sarah’s Farming Shop, which can be found south of Falador in the farmhouse (there is also a Loom in the Elf Camp). Just use the items on the loom to weave it into 1 of the available produce containers.

Weaved Items

Picture Item Crafting Level Crafting Experience Required Items

Bolt of Cloth 10 12 4 Balls of Wool

Vegetable Sack 21 38 4 Jute Fibres

Fruit Basket 36 56 6 Willow Branches

Vegetable Sacks hold 10 pieces of produce, while Fruit Baskets hold 5.



Members have the ability to make glass items from sand. It’s a great way to build your experience, since everything you need to get started can be found on the island and you don’t need to travel from place to place to find the things you need. But first we should make a quick shopping list.

Ingredients to Glass

Bucket of Sand - One bucket makes 1 glass item.

Glassblowing Pipe - This makes the object.

Seaweed - You need one seaweed per bucket of sand.

Making Glass

Firstly, just put all of your weapons and armor into the bank since you can’t bring them to Entrana. Buy a bucket or 2 from the General store to hold your sand. If you don’t want to wait for seaweed to wash up on the beach of Entrana, you can fish for some with a Big Net in Catherby. There is also a respawn on the northern side of the river that runs through Shilo Village.

Go to Port Sarim and catch the boat to Entrana by talking to the monks.

Get off the boat and go into the house to the north, across from the furnace. Inside will be a glassblowing pipe on top of the dresser. Grab it. Also notice the stove.

If you need to, head over to the beach on the far north-west side of the island and pick up some seaweed.

Go back to the house where you found the glass-blowing pipe and cook the seaweed over the range to get some soda ash.

Fill your bucket of sand up from the sand pit located conveniently near the range and furnace. It’s just south of the range and south-west of the furnace.

Use the bucket of sand with the furnace to get some molten glass.

Now use your glassblowing pipe with the glass to bring up a menu of things to make!

Glass Objects

Picture Glass Item Crafting Level Crafting Experience

Beer Glass 1 17.5

Candle Lantern 4 19

Oil Lamp 12 25

Oil Lantern 26 50

Vial 33 35

Fish Bowl 42 42.5

Orb 46 52.5

Bullseye Lense 49 55


Crafting Experience includes 20xp for melting Glass.

Lanterns are used to see into dark places and they are crafted like normal glass items. For info about lighting them, see the Firemaking guide.

A good way to get your sand is by completing the Hand in the Sand quest. This way you can get 84 buckets of sand directly in your bank daily. Furthermore, if you do the Lunar Diplomacy quest, you can use your magics to talk to Bert for easier access to the sand.

For more information about how to get seaweed to make your glass with see the Seaweed section of the Crafting Help Guide

Oil Lantern: make an Oil Lamp and then Smith an Oil Lantern Frame. Use it with the lamp to make a lantern.

Bullseye Lantern: make a Bullseye Lense and Smith a Bullseye Lantern. Use the Lense with the Lantern to complete it.


Crafting & Enchanting Battle Staffs

Battle Staffs are useful weapons in RuneScape because once equipped, it take the place of an elemental Rune. If you enchant one, its power and attack will increase and it will become stronger.

Ingredients to a Good Battle Staff

A regular Battle Staff available from the Varrock Staff Shop or Yanille Magic Guild for 7,000gp.

A Glass Orb which is craftable.

Cosmic and Elemental Runes for casting the spell.

At least 54 Crafting and 56 Magic.

Once you’ve got everything together, you’re about ready to start making a Battle Staff. Decide what kind you want, but remember that at level 56 you can only make a Battle Staff of Water. Take the staff and orb to the correct Obelisk and cast the charge spell on it, which will charge the orb.

Obelisk Locations

Air - In the Edgeville Dungeon, go into the Wilderness part and head north of the Black Demons until you see the demon, Chronozon.

Water - In the dungeon near Taverley, go right through, past the Blue Dragons, the Black Demons and Black Dragon. Head northwest and up the ladder.

Earth - In the Edgeville Dungeon, venture into the Wilderness part and go south past the Black Demons and climb up the ladder.

Fire - In the Taverley dungeon, just past the Black Dragons.

Once you’ve charged the orb for your Battle Staff, it’s time to craft it onto the staff itself by using the orb with the staff. You can have it enchanted by Thormac the Sorcerer, provided you have already done the Scorpion Catcher Quest. To have him enchant it, you need to pay a nominal fee of just 40,000gp.

Crafting & Charging Info

Battle Staff Crafting Level Crafting Experience Magic Level Magic Experience Runes

Water 54 100 56 66 3 Cosmic

30 Water

Earth 58 112.5 60 70 3 Cosmic

30 Earth

Fire 62 125 63 73 3 Cosmic

30 Fire

Air 66 137.5 66 76 3 Cosmic

30 Air

For maps and other info specific to making and enchanting Battle Staffs, see the Battle Staff guide.


Other Crafting Uses

Besides crafting jewelry and making Battle Staffs, there are several other things that you are able to make with your Crafting Skill.

Colored Capes

If you have a Cape of any color, you have the ability to dye it another color. Capes are occasionally dropped by Goblins and Highway Men. To dye a cape, you’ll need to buy some Dye from Aggie in Draynor Village, and then use the Dye with the Cape to change the color. Prices for dyes include 5gp and:

Red - 3 sets of Red Berries

Yellow - 2 Onions

Blue - 2 Woad Leaves

You can also mix these basic color dyes into other colors, such as purple or green.

Cape Chart

Picture Cape Crafting Experience Dyes

Red 2 Red

Yellow 2 Yellow

Blue 2 Blue

Green 2 Yellow & Blue

Purple 3 Red & Blue

Orange 3 Yellow & Red


Snail Shell Helms, or Snelms, can be crafted by Members after they have finished the Priest in Peril Quest. Snails can be found in the Mort Myre Swamp, and once you kill one pick up its shell and use a Chisel with it. You need at least 15 Crafting to cut the shell, and you’ll get 32.5xp for cutting each shell. For more info about Snelms, check out the Snail Shell Helm Guide.

Mort’ton Temple

During the Shades of Mort’ton Quest, Members need to rebuild the nearby temple using Limestone Bricks (among other materials). You can cut Limestone into Bricks by using a Chisel, and you’ll receive 6xp. Limestone can be mined from the Limestone Mine northeast of Varrock, or bought in the Shop in Mort’ton. For repairing the temple, you’ll get 5 Crafting experience each time you repair a part of it. Check out the Shades of Mort’ton Quest guide for more info.

Lunar Ceremonial Outfit

During the Lunar Diplomacy Quest, you’ll be able to make the Lunar Ceremonial Outfit. Each piece requires one Suqah Hide, and you’ll need level 61 crafting to make the full set.

Lunar Ceremonial Outfit

Picture Armor Crafting Experience

Torso 35

Legs 30

Boots 25

Gloves 25

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Crafting Guide List<==

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