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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Guide to Money Making

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Money-making is something which requires time, efforts and sometimes even money to start with. For some people, it's easy to let the millions roll in, and for others, it's a great achievement to see that '100K' on your coin pile. Well, there are many skills in Runescape which, when used effectively, can bring in money. The aspects or skills which can be more fully utilized are: 1.Combat










11.Arbitrage (Merchanting)

Hereunder, I will explain how to manipulate these skills. You may find that only a few, maybe even one or two, will actually suit you.

Depending on your level, the skills mentioned may or may not suit you. This applies to ALL skills.


If you are a high leveled combat, there are some monsters which drop good items, though they are scarce and the place would usually be quite packed (Hence more of the tendency for KSers, or Kill-Stealers, who are people who basically just walk in and take your monster that you were waiting for to spawn and then kick you out of your spot. Also there would be an increased chance of having arrow stealers, who are a pain in the butt, but I do pity them for having to resort to stealing arrows. Arrow stealers are NEWBIES, so DON'T become one.)

Some good Free-To-Play (F2P, a terminology I will use a lot in this guide) monsters which are good to kill would be Lesser Demons (level 82), found in Crandor predominantly. Moss Giants (Level 42) are another good monster to kill, and they can be found in the depths of Varrock Sewers and Crandor. Good Pay-to-Play (In other words, members, but I will refer to you lot as P2P) monsters are Fire Giants (level 86), as they drop really good items (I had a haul of many rune scimitars, and it's possible to get a dragon med helm and dragon half shield from them. Big bones are another good item to get from them too.) They can be found in Saniboch's dungeon (The new Karamjan dungeon, where the metal dragons are found) or Baxtorian Falls (After doing Waterfall quest. This is the best place to get them.)

If you are a low-level and are thinking about using combat to gain money, I suggest you train at Barbarian Village . Believe it or not, it is very easy to gain levels there, the monastery is not even a minute's walk away (but you need 31 prayer to get in) and there is a limitless food supply there. Once you think you are done with this, I suggest going to Hill Giants (level 28) next. They drop big bones, which are very good for prayer experience, and for members the limpwurt roots are a bonus (for herblore - strength potion), and hill giants can drop iron and steel items. The third step would be to seek and mutilate Moss Giants (level 42). These also drop big bones, but they have better drops; such as Nature rune, uncut gem, black square, magic staff, mith sword, steel kite and steel bars are some examples. Remember that if you want to get to them in the Varrock sewers, you need to bring a weapon with 'slash' attack (to cut through the web). After 'Mossies', the final monster you should progress to is the feared Lesser Demon (level 82) They are one of the best monsters in Runescape, in my opinion. What you do is fish a load of lobsters or swordfish on the deck, cook them, proceed into the dungeon, genocide the lesser demons, who can drop rune med helms (which sell for 10k to other players or high alchemies for 11,520gp. Yes, that is why people buy rune med helms for 10k each.), up to 200gp, gems and consequently dragon med helms and shield halves.

As you can see, being a P2Per is very beneficial in terms of using Combat to earn money, and this applies to many other skills too. A big thing in being part of the P2P community is the bonus 'Clue Scroll' drop. Also known as treasure trails/hunts, these are like mini-quests which take you to places in Runescape (and sometimes throughout and all over the place) step-by-step until you get your prize; and these prizes can sometimes earn you a lot of money - Especially the Level 3 Clues which can give you Rune Trimmed, Gold, God and Gilded armours, and other good stuff in it. Of course, bear in mind that you can only have one Clue Scroll at a time, and Level 3 clues are very challenging! (A lot of it can be in the Wilderness, and many of them require access to places you can only go to during or after you have done hard quests, e.g. Regicide Quest or Legends Quest. Puzzle boxes are a pain if you are not good at it (and many people are not good at it), and plus there are the Saradomin and Zamorak Wizards to take care of when you do these clues.)


Runecrafting is a great way to make a bit of fast cash, if you know how. Normally the alters are a pain to find and the best alters (i.e laws, nats, and deaths) are usually quite far from a bank. However if you are a mid to high leveled player that is willing to take a chance in the wild and looking to make a quick buck this could just be your ticket. On the 13th of June, 2005, Jagex came out with an update, The Abyss, which became a fast way to make higher level runes thus vastly increasing the profit coming from the runecrafting business. It is possible to craft 10k essence in about 8 hours or approximately 1 days time. I myself have done this many times.


Unless you are a hardcore, lucky non-member miner, crafting is useless to you in terms of earning a lot of money quickly. Like runecrafting, members greatly benefit from this skill as opposed to free-players. With crafting, the common items to make are enchanted battlestaffs (which high alchs for 9300gp each - you can make a million gp a day with these, and I'm not kidding).

Battlestaff making is commonly known as Battlestaving, and what you do is you buy battlestaffs from Zaff (In varrock. The first staff costs 7,000gp, and the next 4 of them costs slightly more. Just like all items you buy from shops. I'ld bring 50k just in case.) Zaff stocks up 5 at a time, so people who wish to do battlestaving usually world-hop to buy staffs. After getting the amount of battlestaffs you want, you will need glass orbs. If you buy them, you don't actually make money (assuming one nature rune is 300gp), so make the glass orbs yourself (Bucket of sand with Soda ash (use seaweed on range) and use them on a furnace. Use Glassblowing pipe with the molten glass, then make glass orbs. 46 Crafting required). With the glass orbs in your inventory, you must 'charge' them. This charging is done at elemental obelisks, and you require specific Magic levels for different Orbs. The easiest one is Water Orbs, 56 Magic required, you need 30 Water Runes, 3 Cosmic Runes The Water and Fire obelisks are found in the Taverly dungeon, all the way in until the Black Dragons. Head west of the black dragons to find the Fire Obelisk, and head upstairs (onto the small island south of the Catherby Fishing Shore ) to find the Water Obelisk. The Air and Earth Obelisks are found in the Wilderness; the Earth one is in the wildy portion of Edgeville Dungeon, and the Air Obelisk is located just north of there, beyond the Black Demons and up the ladder. You should surface at about level 5 wilderness.

Crafting dragonhide bodies (you don't earn as much with these unless you obtain the hides yourself) is a good method of earning money too, but you need over 60 crafting to be productive in this. Another method used mostly by lower levels is the picking and spinning of flax. It is fast, easy, you get a bit of crafting exp for spinning them and plus they're worth 100gp each (over that amount if you have more than 1k usually). Gems are another merchandise, so if you can mine them (gem rocks or not), they sell for good prices, however they are time consuming to get, and it is rare for people to buy cut gems. Leaving them uncut means you do not get experience at all - just money.


One of the 'Big Three' - or the three primary money-making skills - is Mining. It is also my personal liking. But really, the best thing to mine for experience is iron ore. You get 35 exp per ore, you can get it in one hit (after mining for a while), it re-spawns fairly quickly and it can sell for up to 100gp each (if you find a decent buyer, and you accumulate a stash of it). For money, the best things to mine are rune essences, coal, mithril ores, adamantite ores and runite ores. Rune essences are easy and fast to get; a great way for newer players to earn money (You can obtain these after doing the Rune Mysteries Quest), and plus they can sell for 20gp and upwards. Coal - 120 to 170gp each, but it's a bummer to get unless you spend time at the member worlds' coal trucks [Like Me!], mithril ores at 200 to 400gp each depending on amount, adamantite ores at 750gp (I never sell for this price because it's simply too low) to 1,000gp each (buyers at this price are extremely hard to find! I'ld go with 800gp and up each.) and finally, the creme de la creme - Runite ores. They're the big nice cyan ones, and they can sell for a minimum of 12.5k each to 15k each! That's a whopping amount for one ore! But bear in mind that there are only 5 runite rocks, 2 of them in the basement of Heroes Guild and the other 3 in wilderness.


A branch out from mining, smithing is quite a good way to make money, but to do so you will need patience with it, as it may take a while (especially cannonballs. Oh boy) As non-members, steel plate bodies (at 48 smithing) is a good item to make. They high alchemy for 1,200gp each, and can sell to other players for 900 to 1,000gp each. After that, the next best items are runite. Rune axes, scimitars, battle axes and kites are the better items to make and sell. They are also high in demand so you would not have to hold on to them for a long time. Note that 'Full Addy' can be in demand sometimes, and 'Full Rune' is also a desirable set. As members, an extra bonus is the well-known Cannonball. After doing the Dwarf Cannon quest, you can get your hands on what is known as an 'Ammo Mould'. Cannonballs are worth 150gp to 200gp each, and one Steel Bar makes four. That's 600 to 800gp per bar. This is the best item to make until you hit rune smithing, whatever obscure high level that is.

Then, of course, there are bars. Steel bars sell for 550gp to 600gp each (depending on amount), mithril bars at 1,000gp each, addy bars at 2,000gp and upwards each and finally the famous pretty runite bars, at 15,000 to 18,000gp each (and I have had buyers for 20,000gp each even.)


Second of the Big Three - fishing is a good source of money as well as a great money saver. The main fish groups people buy are lobsters, swordfish and sharks. Lobsters sell from 100gp to 150gp each (and even 200gp each sometimes), swordfish sell from 250gp and a bit upwards each, and sharks are a great jack-up to 1,000gp each (76 fishing required, and 1,000gp each is the price for an uncooked shark. Cooked ones cost more) Fishing is a money-saver because you need food a lot of times throughout the game and what cheaper alternative than to do it yourself? The best places to sell fish vary, though personally I like Edgeville, for obvious, wilderness and PKers reasons.


Last of the Big Three, woodcutting is another good skill to have. The good trees to cut are normal or evergreens, which sell for a minimum of 30gp each, maple trees at 100gp each, yew trees at 250 to 350gp each (free-play worlds sell these logs for really cheap - I bought a stash at 200gp each in Falador) and finally magic logs sell for 1,000gp each and it's great for cash earning. Time consuming to accumulate the logs (and this applies to yew trees as well) but it is not hard selling magic's. Best places to get these logs: Draynor and north of Falador for normal trees and/or Evergreens. Behind Varrock Castle , 'The Falador Triangle'; three trees south of Falador, and a whole cluster of them in a very secret place - north of the Crafting Guild! (Don't tell the cutters there that I told you or I'll get in trouble. Note that this place is very far from bank, so it's not advisable unless you're here to get experience instead of banking the logs for money.) Another spot is just directly south of Edgeville bank, but it's not advisable to get yew logs there as many people cut at that place. There are two places which I know of which provide Magic trees - seven, I believe, south of the Seers bank; three to the north west and four to the front yard of the place you start the Scorpion Catcher quest. And three trees in Gnome Stronghold, near the south wall of the Agility Course.


A useful member skill to have, as you can make your own arrows with these levels (and save arrow money, which costs a lot sometimes, taking into consideration the low-life arrow stealers walking around). Mith, Addy and Rune arrows sell well, especially rune arrows (for you lovely PKers). Maple longbows and upwards are worth stringing and high alching. Arrow shafts sell for 10gp each (One normal log makes 15 of these shafts) and feathers are valued at 10 to 15gp each among players (depending upon amount, like so many other things.)


Second member skill to touch upon; this is a very hard skill to raise and it requires a lot of time, effort and if you do not have Capital (or money) to start with, it will be very hard for you. The potions which sell well are prayer, fishing, agility, ranged, anti-fire and Super sets (For those of you who don't know what these are, they are simply a three-combination potion set; Super Attack, Super Strength and Super Defence) and the rest are slightly harder to sell. I do not advise herblore unless you have a true passion for it (I do know of such people) and are willing to spend good money and time on it. Un-IDs are pretty good objects to sell, and can vary in prices. The standard price for Un-ID herbs are 1,000gp each, but if you specify TRUTHFULLY that your herbs are above a certain one, e.g. "Un-IDs above Irit Leaves", these sell for higher prices.

At 25 herblore, there is a herb you can identify called Ranarr Weed! This is a very popular, high-in-demand herb. When IDed, these herbs sell for 3k to 4k each. Once you reach 38 herblore, you can make one of the most popular and 'sells-like-hotcakes' potions is the Prayer Potion. It restores prayer, so if you're fighting a big mean monster and your prayer is running out, all you need to do is take a dosage, and you'll last for a bit longer. Prayer potions sell for 5k each, so you could buy ranarrs, and then sell the potions at 1k to 2k profit. Alternatively, if you know of people who have 38 herblore and/or upwards, they (at least, most of them) will trade prayer potions for your ranarrs. This is a win-win situation for both yourself and the herblorian.


This is an unusual one, I must admit, but thieving can earn you money in a warped sense. What you do is steal whatever you can from the stall (hopefully without getting caught) and bank them. Stock them up (like my 795 Grey Wolf Furs I accumulated last night) and then when you happen to be at the town where the trader is located (In my case, Varrock), just sell them back to the Trader. Silks stolen from the Ardougne stall can sell at the Al Kharid Silk Trader at, I think it was, 60gp each. Grey wolf fur from the fur stall in Ardougne sell for 120gp each to Baraek, the fur trader in Varrock. As well as raising thieving, you can sell these items to the specialized stall traders to earn some money. Do note that cakes is another favourite, from the Baker stall, as people don't sell the cake back to the baker but use it as a good food, and it is, especially for quests like Underground Pass.


I would like to touch finally on this. In lay-man's terms, arbitrage is more commonly known as 'Merchanting'. Yes, you should know what I'm talking about now. This means that you buy something for a relatively cheap price, and then you sell it for more expensive e.g. buying iron ores for 70gp each and then selling them at 100gp each later. This is the simplest one of all. Another form of merchanting is actually modifying or adding two or more objects together e.g. buying normal logs at 30gp each, cutting them up into 15 arrow shafts, and then selling each shaft for 10gp each. Another common one is buying iron ores at 50gp each, and double the coal at 150gp each. This amounts to 350gp for the ores. Just by placing them into the furnace or using your fire staff and nature rune, you can sell the steel bar for 200 to 250gp each profit. Merchants earn good money, but it is time consuming (Unless you have a vast network of connections already set up) to camp in a world and type out "buying -insert item here-" 500 times, and then selling that item (another 500 times). Nevertheless, this is a good way of earning money.

800 - 240 = 560gp. 560 / 4 = 140gp.

That is 140gp profit per cannonball.

Oh, and below is an image of the market areas of Runescape. This is where the people are for World 1 and World 2 respectively. Note that if you want to sell some F2P items and you're a member e.g. Halloween Masks, you are better off selling them in World 1. You could always try World 2, and no one will stop you, but F2P stuff sells faster in F2P worlds. It's logical and makes sense, so the choice of whether to camp in World 1 or World 2 is up to you.

For you lot of F2Pers, sorry, but World 1 is your only option.

I hope this guide to money-making helped! I also hope to see you in the realm of Runescape, masquerading and parading around in that awesome outfit of yours which you always wanted

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

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