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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Runescape Smithing Guide

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Smithing Guide List<==

There are two main parts to smithing in RuneScape: making the metal bars, and smithing them into useful items. Before you can start smithing your weapons and armor, you should first either mine the ores you need, or buy them from other players. Buying the ores or bars from other players may be faster than mining them, but it can be quite expensive.
In order to make a metal bar, you need to have the correct amount of ores, and many of the metals require another type of ore to make a bar. For a complete list, you can refer to the Smelting Chart. Each item you make will need a different number of bars to smith it, and that info can be found in the Smithing Chart for the specific metal.
Dwarven Stouts
These helpful drinks can be bought in the Rising Sun bar in Falador for 3gp per drink. They will raise your Smithing and Mining levels by 1 point for a limited amount of time, allowing you to smith objects a level higher than your actual level.
Mature Stouts & Beer
As a reward from the Forgettable Tale (of a Drunken Dwarf) Quest you will get 2 Mature Dwarven Stouts which will increase your Mining and Smithing levels by 2, not just the ordinary 1 level. When Brewing Beer there is a chance that it will become Mature and give extra bonuses. To make it more likely that it becomes Mature you can add “The Stuff” which is something you can buy as a reward from Trouble Brewing.
Smelting Ores
Now that you’ve got all of your ores together, you should smelt them into bars so that you can make weapons and armor out of them. Just bring the ores to a Furnace, and choose the ‘Smelt’ option. You’ll be able to choose which kind of bar to make, as well as the number of bars to smelt. By right-clicking the bar, you can make 1, 5, 10 or ‘x’ bars. You can also use an ore with the furnace to smelt 1 bar at a time.
Smelting with Magic
Another way to smelt all of your metal bars is to cast the ‘Superheat Item’ spell on the ores. This of course requires 4 Fire Runes and 1 Nature Rune, but it can be much faster than walking to a furnace to smelt your bars of metal. If you smelt Iron ore with Magic, all ores will be smelted.
Smelting ChartPicture Metal Bar Smithing Level Smithing Experience Ore # of 2nd ItemBronze 1 6 Copper 1 TinLunar 1 - Lunar -Blurite 8 8 Bluerite -Iron 15 12.5 Iron 50%Silver 20 13.7 Silver -Elemental 20 7.5 Elemental 4 CoalSteel 30 17.5 Iron 2 CoalGold 40 22.5 (56.2) Gold -Mithril 50 30 Mithril 4 CoalAdamantite 70 37.5 Adamantite 6 CoalRune 85 50 Rune 8 Coal
Smelting Notes
The 50% for smelting Iron ore means that you will only get about half of the ores that you try to smelt. The other ores are wasted and just disappear into the furnace if they aren’t good enough.By wearing a Ring of Forging, you’ll have a 100% chance to smelt Iron into bars, and each ring has 140 uses.Smithing Gauntlets - Members have a chance to have their Steel Gauntlets enchanted into GoldSmith Gauntlets. When you smelt a Gold Bar while wearing these, you’ll earn 56.2xp per bar.Elemental Bars require you to have completed the Elemental Workshop Quest.Blurite Bars require you to have finished the Knight’s Sword Quest.Furnaces
You’ll find a number of Furnaces throughout RuneScape:
Free-Play furnaces can be found in Al Kharid, Lumbridge, Falador, and in the Wilderness north of Edgeville.Member’s furnaces can be found in Ardougne, Shilo Village, Entrana, Port Phasmatys, Rellekka and Tyras’ Camp.
Smithing Items
With your metal bars in hand, it’s time to make some armor, right? Not quite. You first need a Hammer to work the metal with, and you can buy one from any local General Store. Now you can begin smithing items by finding an Anvil and using a metal bar with it. This will bring up a graphical menu with all of the different weapons, armor, and other items you can make. When the menu comes up, pay attention to the colors of the names and number of bars:
White Name - You’re a high enough level to smith the item.Blacked-Out Name - You need a higher smithing level to smith the item.# of Bars in Green - You have enough bars to make the item.# of Bars in Red - You need more bars in order to smith the item.
Now you can choose the item you wish to smith, and if you have enough bars and a high enough level, you will smith it. You can right click on an object in the smithing item and select to make multiple items at once. This is much faster than just making one item at a time.
There are many Anvils that can be found throughout RuneScape. Freeplayers can find Anvils in Varrock, the Dwarven Mines, Doric’s Anvil building, and south of Port Sarim. Members can find them in Yanille, West Ardougne, Port Khazard, Seer’s Village, north of Tai Bwo Wannai and Port Phasmatys.
Item-Specific Info
Some items can only be smithed after completing a quest, and others may need to be smithed in a specific way. Here is some useful info to help you out.
Bronze Wire
Currently Bronze Wire is used only in the Creature of Fenkenstrain and Shilo Village Quests.
Bronze-Rune Nails
These are smithed 15 at a time, and are used in certain quests including Dragon Slayer, Horror From the Deep, In Search of the Myreque and Zogre Flesh Eaters. They are also used in the Construction skill for building furniture.
Dart Tips
Smithed 10 at a time, although you must first complete the Tourist Trap Quest before having the ability to make them. You can add feathers to make them into a throwing weapon.
These can be smithed after completing the Death Plateau Quest.
After smelting a bar of Steel, use the Bar with a Furnace while carrying a Cannonball Mould with you. They are made in sets of 4, using a single Steel bar each time. You can only make these after completing the Dwarf Cannon Quest.

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Smithing Guide List<==

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