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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Runescape Slayer Guide

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Slayer Guide List<==

The Slayer skill gives you the ability to kill enemies that would otherwise be unharmed by your attacks, by using Slayer equipment and your experience in the skill. You can begin the Slayer skill at any time by speaking to any of the 5 Slayer Masters, located in different parts of the RuneScape world:
Turael - East of the bar in Burthorpe.Mazchna - In the northeast corner of Canifis.Vannaka - In the Edgeville Dungeon, east of the Wilderness gate.Chaeldar - South of the entrance to the Lost City of Zanaris.Duradel - Above the fishing shop in Shilo Village.If you’re having trouble finding a Slayer Master, just look for the Slayer Icon on your map. It would also be wise to start off with the Slayer Master in Burthorpe, as he generally gives easier tasks than the others.
Training Slayer
To train your Slayer skill, you first need to get an assignment from one of the Slayer Masters as described above. They will tell you to kill a certain amount (no more than 200) of a kind of monster, and once you’ve defeated the required amount you can go back to your Slayer Master and get another assignment.
While on an assignment, you’ll receive experience only for defeating the type of monster that has been assigned to you. Killing other monsters that have not been assigned to you will not get you any Slayer experience. The amount of experience you receive from each kill is the same as the number of hitpoints the monster has. If two players attack the same monster, one causing the most damage and the other stiking the final blow, the experience will be split in half between each player.
Some Slayer monsters also require you to use a weapon or other item to defend against their attacks. Be sure to bring this item with you at all times during the assignment, and don’t attack Slayer monsters without the appropriate things or you may become overwhelmed and killed.
Slayer monsters drop many unique items that can only be obtained by killing them. These items include Black and White Mystic Robes, Armored Boots, Granite Maul, and the Abyssal Whip, as well as Clue Scrolls for Treasure Trails and assorted herbs.
Alternate Monsters
Sometimes your Slayer Master may be a bit vague as to the type of monster that he wants you to kill. He may generalize and say “Kalphites” or “Dragons,” which means that you can kill any monster of that type.
Kalphites - Kalphite Workers or Soldiers.Dragons - Baby Blue or Red Dragons.Wolves - White Wolf Mountain Wolves.Shades - Various Shades found in Mort’ton.The Enchanted Gem
In Slayer there is a lot of equipment available (details below), but none more necessary than the Enchanted Gem. The Enchanted Gem will enable you to contact the most matched slayer master to your combat level (Vannaka to those below combat level 70, Chaeldar to those between combat level 70 and 100 and Duradel from combat level 100+).
Once you activate the enchanted gem you have the following options
The two most important options are “How am I doing so far?” which will tell you which monster you are killing, and how many you have left to kill of it such as “You’re currently assigned to kill Cockatrice, only 85 more to go.” The other important option is “Got any tips for me?” Then your slayer master will tell you advice such as “Werewolves are feral creatures, they are strong and tough with sharp claws and teeth”
The other two options “Who are you?” and “Where are you?” are simple questions which let you find out who your slayer master is (not just the name) and where to find him or her to get tasks from them.
Changing Assignments
If you think that a certain assignment is too tough or too boring, you have the ability to change it for another random assignment. At the Burthorpe Slayer Master (Turael), you can change it by asking for a new one. However, there are two snags:
You cannot change Slayer assignments given by Turael.You cannot change an assignment by another master if the current monster assignment is assigned from Turael’s list.
Slayer Masters
Each of the 5 Slayer Masters will give you an assignment with a different level of difficulty, depending on the master that you speak to. Some also have requirements before you are able to get an assignment from them.
Note: The following slayer task lists are by no means all-inclusive; they only detail the most common Slayer tasks.
Turael can be found in a small house near the southern entrance to Burthorpe. He gives the easiest Slayer assignments, and he has no set requirements.
Turael’s Possible AssignmentsMonster Where to FindBanshees Canifis Slayer TowerBats Around Keep La Faye, Taverley DungeonBears North of Falador, Ardougne MineBirds Chicken Farms around LumbridgeCave Bugs Lumbridge Swamp CavesCave Slime Lumbridge Swamp CavesCows Throughout RuneScape (in cow pens)Crawling Hands Canifis Slayer TowerDogs ArdougneDwarves Dwarven Mine, Taverley DungeonGhosts Draynor Mansion, Edgeville DungeonGoblins Around Lumbridge, Goblin VillageKalphites Kalphite DungeonIcefiends Ice Iountain (north of Falador)Minotaurs Stronghold of SecurityMonkeys Karamja Island, Ape AtollRats Lumbridge, Varrock Sewer, Edgeville DungeonScorpions Al Kharid, Chasm Mine, Barbarian MineSkeletons Draynor Manor, Edgeville DungeonWolves White Wolf MountainZombies Edgeville Dungeon
Mazchna can be found in the northeast part of Canifis, near the Clothing Shop. He has no set level requirements, and he gives more difficult tasks than Turael, but generally the stronger the monster, the more Slayer Experience you will get.
Mazchna’s Possible AssignmentsMonster Where to FindBanshees Canifis Slayer TowerBats Around Keep La Faye, Taverley DungeonBears North of Falador, Ardougne MineBlue Dragons Taverley Dungeon, Heroes GuildCave Crawlers Fremennik Slayer CavesCatablepon Stronghold of Security (Pit of Pestilence)Cave Bugs Lumbridge Swamp CavesCave Slime Lumbridge Swamp CavesCrawling Hands Canifis Slayer TowerDagganoths Lighthouse west of RellekkaDesert Lizards South of UzerDogs ArdougneEarth Warriors Edgeville Wilderness DungeonFlesh Crawlers Stronghold of SecurityGhosts Draynor Mansion, Edgeville DungeonGhouls Northwest of the Mort Myre SwampGreen Dragons WildernessHellhounds Ardougne Dungeon, Taverley DungeonHill Giants Edgeville Dungeon, WildernessHobgoblins Crandor, Edgeville DungeonIcefiends Ice Iountain (north of Falador)Ice Warriors Port Sarim Ice CavernKalphites Kalphite DungeonKillerwatts Through Oddenstein’s Portal in Draynor Manor.Lesser Demons Karamja Volcano, Taverley DungeonMogres Mudskipper PointMoss Giants Varrock Sewer, WildernessPyrefiends Fremennik Slayer CavesRock Slugs Fremennik Slayer CavesScorpions Al Kharid, Chasm Mine, Barbarian MineShades Mort’tonSkeletons Draynor Manor, Edgeville DungeonTrolls Death PlateauVampires Swamp east of CanifisWall Beasts Lumbridge Slayer DungeonWerewolves CanifisWolves White Wolf MountainZombies Edgeville Dungeon
Vannaka can be found in the Edgeville dungeon, just east of the Wilderness gate. He will give you Slayer tasks of ‘medium’ difficulty to complete, and you must be at least level 40 Combat or higher.
Vannaka’s Possible AssignmentsMonster Where to FindAberrant Specter Canifis Slayer TowerBloodvelds Canifis Slayer TowerBlue Dragons Taverley Dungeon, Heroes GuildCrawling Hands Canifis Slayer TowerCrocodile Elid River, west of NardahDagganoths Lighthouse west of RellekkaDesert Lizards Kharidian DesertEarth Warriors Edgeville Wilderness DungeonElves Tirannwn Elf CampFire Giants WaterfallGhouls Northwest of the Mort Myre SwampGreen Dragons WildernessHellhounds Ardougne Dungeon, Taverley DungeonHill Giants Edgeville Dungeon, WildernessIce Giants Port Sarim Ice Cavern, Wolf Mountain CaveIce Warriors Port Sarim Ice CavernKalphites Kalphite DungeonLesser Demons Karamja Volcano, Taverley DungeonMolanisk Dorgesh-kaanMoss Giants Varrock Sewer, WildernessOgres Feldip Hills, Tree Gnome Village CavernOtherworldly Beings Lost City of ZanarisPyre Fiends Fremennik Slayer CavesRock Slugs Fremennik Slayer CavesTrolls Mountain Northwest of BurthorpeTuroths Fremennik Slayer CavesVampires Swamp east of CanifisWerewolves Canifis
Chaeldar can be found just south of the entrance to the Lost City of Zanaris. You need to equip your Dramen Staff from the Lost City Quest and enter the small shack in the Lumbridge Swamp to be teleported to the Lost City. You can also use the Fairy Ring in the Morytania Woods to get there. Chaeldar gives more difficult tasks, and for this reason he requires at least level 70 Combat.
Chaeldar’s Possible AssignmentsMonster Where to FindBanshees Canifis Slayer TowerBasilisks Fremennik Slayer CavesBlue Dragons Taverley Dungeon, Heroes GuildBronze Dragons Brimhaven DungeonCave Crawlers Fremennik Slayer CavesCave Horrors Mos Le’Harmless CavesCockatrices Fremennik Slayer CavesCrawling Hands Canifis Slayer TowerDagganoths Lighthouse west of RellekkaElves Isafdar WoodsFire Giants WaterfallGreater Demons Entrana Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Ogre Enclave, Lava Maze Dungeon, Wilderness Demonic RuinsHarpie Bug Swarms West of Tai Bwo Wannai, near Jogre Caves.Hellhounds Ardougne Dungeon, Taverley DungeonInfernal Mages Canifis Slayer DungeonIron Dragons Brimhaven DungeonJellies Fremennik Slayer CavesJungle Horrors Mos Le’HarmlessKalphites Kalphite DungeonLesser Demons Karamja VolcanoMollanisks Dorgesh-Kaan South DungeonPyre Fiends Fremennik Slayer CavesShadow Warriors Legend’s Guild DungeonSteel Dragons Brimhaven DungeonTrolls Death PlateauTuroths Fremennik Slayer CavesWall Beasts Lumbridge Slayer DungeonZygomites Lost City of Zanaris
Duradel can be found above the fishing store in Shilo Village. He gives the most difficult Slayer assignments of all the Slayer Masters, and he requires you to have at least level 100 Combat and 50 Slayer.
Duradel’s Possible AssignmentsMonster Where to FindAberrant Specters Canifis SlayerTowerBanshees Canifis Slayer TowerBasilisks Fremennik Slayer CavesBlack Demons Taverley DungeonBloodvelds Canifis Slayer TowerBlue Dragons Taverley Dungeon, Heroes GuildBronze Dragons Brimhaven DungeonCave Horrors Mos Le’Harmless CavesDagganoths Lighthouse west of RellekkaFire Giants WaterfallGreater Demons Karamja VolcanoIron Dragons Brimhaven DungeonJellies Fremennik Slayer CavesKalphites Kalphite DungeonLesser Demons Karamja VolcanoMutated Zygomites Lost City of ZanarisPyre Fiends Fremennik Slayer CavesSteel Dragons Brimhaven DungeonTrolls Death PlateauWall Beasts Lumbridge Slayer Dungeon
In order to kill some monsters, you may need to use a special Slayer item against them. Items range from weapons and armor to items that you need to use on the monster, and you can buy all of these items from your Slayer Master.
Slayer EquipmentPicture Item Requirements Cost What it DoesEnchanted Gem None 1 Activate this to call your Slayer Master.Spiny Helmet Level 1 SlayerLevel 5 Defense 650 Used to repel Wall Beast attacks.Rock Hammer Level 1 Slayer 500 Kills weakened Gargoyles.Bag of Salt Level 1 Slayer 15 Kills weakened Rock Slugs.Fishing Explosive Level 1 Slayer 63 Lures Mogres out of water.Ice Cooler Level 1 Slayer 1 Kills Desert LizardsFacemask Level 10 Slayer 200 Protection vs. Dust Devils.Earmuffs Level 15 Slayer 200 Protection vs. Banshees.Slayer Gloves Level 17 Slayer 200 Protects against Fever Spiders.Mirror Shield Level 25 SlayerLevel 20 Defense 5,000 Protection vs. Cockatrice and Basilisks.Slayer Bell Level 30 Slayer 10 Causes Molanisks to fall off of walls.Bug Lantern Level 33 Slayer 200 Used to kill Harpie bug swarmsInsulated Boots Level 37 Slayer 200 Protects against shocks from Killerwatts.Broad Arrows Level 55 SlayerLevel 50 Ranged 60 Kills Turoths and Kurasks.Leaf-Tipped Spear Level 55 SlayerLevel 50 Attack 31,000 Kills Turoths and Kurasks.Slayer Staff Level 55 SlayerLevel 50 Magic 21,000 Use the Magic Dart spell to kill Turoths and Kurasks.Fungicide Spray Level 57 Slayer 300 Kills Mutilated Zygomites.Fungicide Spray Can - 10 Refills your Fungicide Sprayer.Witchwood Icon Level 58 Slayer 900 Protects against Cave Horrors.Nosepeg Level 60 Slayer 200 Protection against Aberrant Specters.
Slayer Monsters
There are a variety of Slayer Monsters that you can kill using your Slayer skill. Some of them require you to use a specific item against them, or to have a higher Slayer level.
Slayer MonstersMonster Slayer Level Combat Level Tactics or Required EquipmentCrawling Hand 5 8 or 12 No equipment needed.Cave Bug 7 6 No equipment needed.Cave Crawler 10 23 Always bring Antipoison Potions with you.Banshee 15 23 Do not attack without Earmuffs. They drop herbs.Cave Slime 17 23 Always bring Antipoison Potions with you. They drop Swamp Tar.Rock Slug 20 29 You need a bag of Salt to kill them.Desert Lizard 22 12 or 24 Use an Ice Cooler with it when it’s hitpoints won’t decrease anymore.Cockatrice 25 37 Don’t forget your Mirror Shield! They drop Limpwurt Roots and Iron Boots.Pyrefiend 30 43 Magic-based attacks; wear Dragonhide armor. They drop Fire Runes and Steel Boots.Mogre 32 60 Bring Fishing Explosives and throw them into the fishing spots at Mudskipper Point. Must have completed the Mogre Mini-Quest.Harpie bug 33 46 Requires a Bug Lantern. Located East of the General store Nearest to Tai Bwo Wannai.Wall Beast 35 49 They hide in cracks on walls — wear your Spiny Helmet! They have 125 hits and usually hit no higher than 4.Killerwatt 37 55 Don’t forget your Insulated Boots to protect from their shocks!Mollanisk 39 51 Requires a Slayer Bell to knock it off of a wall.Basilisk 40 61 Don’t forget your Mirror Shield.Fever Spider 42 49 Don’t forget your Slayer Gloves!Infernal Mage 45 68 Magic-based attacks; wear Dragonhide armor.Bloodveld 50 76 Magic-based attacks; wear Dragonhide armor.Jelly 52 78 Bring good armor and food.Turoth 55 83, 85,87 or 89 You can only kill these with Broad Arrows, Slayer Staff or a Leaf Tipped Spear.Mutated Zygomite 57 74 or 86 Requires Fungicide Spray to kill it.Cave Horror 58 80 Don’t forget your Witchwood Icon to protect against them!Aberrant Specter 60 96 Make sure you have Magic protection and a Nose Peg. Can reduce your stats to 2.Dust Devil 65 93 Make sure you have a Facemask!Kurask 70 106 You can only kill these with Broad Arrows, Slayer Staff or a Leaf Tipped Spear.Skeletal Wyvern 72 140 Requires an Elemental Shield.Gargoyle 75 111 When it’s hitpoints don’t decrease, use a Rock Hammer on it.Nechryael 80 115 Bring food, melee armor and Prayer Potions.Abyssal Demon 85 124 Bring armor, food and potions. They drop Abyssal Whips.Dark Beast 90 182 Be very careful when fighting these monsters. Keep Prayer on! They can drop Death Talismans.
Slayer Dungeons
There are 3 main places where you can find Slayer monsters. Each dungeon offers different kinds of Slayer monsters.
Fremennik Caves
The Fremennik Caves can be found just east of the Golden Apple Tree, which is located southeast of the village of Rellekka. Slayer monsters inside include:
Cave CrawlerCockatricePyrefiendBasiliskJellyTurothKuraskCanifis Slayer Tower
The Canifis Slayer Tower can be found to the northwest of the small swamp-town of Canifis. Before you can access this tower, you need to have completed the Priest in Peril quest. You can find the following Slayer monsters inside:
Crawling HandBansheeRock SlugInfernal MageBloodveldAberrant SpecterGargoyleNechryaelAbyssal DemonLumbridge Swamp Caves
The Lumbridge Swamp Caves can be found in the Lumbridge Swamp, just west of the shack that brings you to the Lost City. It’s very dark inside, and you’ll need to make a lantern to see. Talk to the Candle Seller outside to learn how to make 1, and then go inside. Make sure to bring a Lantern, Tinderbox, Rope, Spiny Helmet, Food and an Antipoison potion. The following Slayer monsters can be found inside:
Cave BugCave SlimeWall BeastOther Slayer Areas
Of course, the number of Slayer monsters appears to be increasing, and there are a number of other places where you can find some of the newer Slayer monsters:
Desert Lizard - Found just south of the Ruins Of Uzer & East across the river from Pollnivneach. To get there, take a magic carpet to Ruins of Uzer or if you haven’t done the suitable quest take it to Pollniveach.Mogre - found at Mudskipper Point.Harpie Bugs - found on the northernmost beach of Karamja.Killerwatt - found in the “Killerwatt Plane,” which is inside the Interdimensional Rift on the third floor of Draynor Manor.Fever Spider - located on Braindeath Island, in the Basement of the Pirates’ Brewery.Mutated Zygomite - found in the Lost City of Zanaris.Cave Horror - located in the Mos Le’Harmless Caves.Dust Devil - found in the Smoke Dungeon west of Pollnivneach.Skeletal Wyvern - found in the Ice Cavern near Port Sarim (in Thurgo’s Peninsula). Go through the cave entrance on the back wall (behind the Ice Giants).Dark Beast - located in the Light Temple.

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Slayer Guide List<==

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