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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Runescape Agility Guide

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Agility Guide List<==

Agility can be a fun skill to train, and it comes in very useful throughout the game. Certain areas around RuneScape require you to have an Agility level higher than 1, and many of the more difficult quests, as well as some easy ones, require you to have a certain Agility level to complete them. One of the most important reasons to get experience in Agility is the fact that this skill is closely related to Running.

[image: map showing location of the agility pyramid]

Running & Energy

Your Agility level will influence how long you’ll be able to Run. The higher your Agility level, the faster your Energy will increase, therefore allowing you to run for longer periods of time. Your weight also affects your run energy, and the more weight you’re carrying, the faster your energy will decrease.

To see your current run energy, select the wrench icon near the bottom-right of the game screen. The menu that shows up next contains the game options, and the icon in the bottom row which looks like a person running will tell you how much energy you have left.

Failing Obstacles

In the higher level Agility course it is possible to fail obstacles. If you do fail an obstacle then you will get hit damage. The amount of damage that you get hit changes depending on which obstacle you failed and your Hitpoints at the time of failing. If you fail, you don’t gain any experience, but you can still get the full course experience if you redo the obstacle that you failed. If you don’t retry the obstacle, or if you skip one, you won’t gain the full course xp.

Restoring Your Energy

There are a number of ways to restore your energy:

White Tree Fruit - When eaten, this fruit replenishes 8% of your energy. Can be picked from the White Tree after completing Garden of Tranquility.

Summer Pie - When eaten, restores 10% of your energy and temporarily increases your Agility level by 5. Can be cooked.

Energy Potion - Restores 10% of your energy (per dose) when drank. Made with your Herblore skill.

Super Energy Potion - Restores 20% of your energy (per dose) when drank. Made with your Herblore skill.

Strange Fruit - When eaten, this odd fruit restores 30% of your energy. Obtained from the Strange Plant Random Event.

Goutweed Tuber - Restores 50% of your energy when eaten. Obtained from the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup mini-game.


Gnome Agility Course

When you first start training Agility, it’s highly recommended that you begin at the Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility course. The stronghold is located north-west of Ardougne. It’s by far the easiest way to quickly gain experience, as there is no chance of failing and getting hurt.

For a completed lap around the course, you’ll receive a total of 86.5 Agility experience, but you must do all of the obstacles in order. First cross the Log, run forward and climb the Net. Climb up the Tree Branch, balance on the Rope and climb down the tree. Now run forward and climb over the net, climb through the Pipes and start over.

Gnome Agility Course

Obstacle Agility Experience

Log 7.5

Net 7.5

Tree Branch 5

Balancing Rope 7.5

Climb Down Tree 5

Net 7.5

Pipes 7.5

Total 86.5



Once you reach level 25 Agility, you’ll be able to play Skullball! You must have also completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest and be wearing a Ring of Charos. The course is found near Canifis, southeast of Mazchna the Slayer Master. You should find a Werewolf in a small hut in the swamp; speak to him and climb down the ladder to enter the Werewolf area.

Speak to the Skullball Boss to start a game of Skullball. It’s a kind of progressive soccer, except for the fact that your ball is actually a Skull. The faster you shoot the Skull through each of the 10 different goals, the more experience you’ll gain. There are 3 options that you can use when playing:

1. Tap - Moves the Skullball 1 square ahead.

2. Kick - Moves the Skullball 4 squares ahead.

3. Shoot - Moves the Skullball 10 squares ahead.

You can gain 750 or more xp if you complete the game in under 4 minutes. After that, for ever 3 seconds over 4 minutes, you’ll lose about 7-8xp.


Agility Pyramid

The Agility Pyramid, located in the Kharidian Desert is another good place to train your Agility, while trying to reach an artifact that you can trade in for a reward. You need to have 30 Agility or better to train here. So if you’re interested in training here, or if you’re just curious, put on some Desert Robes, fill up some waterskins and head on over to check it out!

There are 5 levels to the pyramid, each containing traps which you must use your agility skill to avoid. These traps are as follows:

Agility Pyramid

Obstacle Agility Experience

Rotating Block 12

Low Wall 8

Cross Ledge 20

Cross Gap 22

Moving Block 0

Plank 22

Jump Gap 22

Although it may not immediately look like this course is really worth it, you should be happy to know that you’ll receive a 700xp bonus at the end, for a total of 1,112 experience!

If you fail an obstacle, you’ll fall to the lower level (so if you were on the third level, you’ll fall to the second).

At the top of the pyramid you’ll find a gold pyramid. Take this, and bring it to Simon Templeton who can be found just outside of the pyramid. He will buy it from you for 1,000gp–not a bad deal!

For specific information on this Agility course, please visit the Agility Pyramid Guide.


Penguin Agility Course

After completing the Cold War Quest, you’ll have access to the Penguin Agility Course which requires 30 Agility and a Penguin Suit disguise.

The Penguin Agility Course is located on the Iceberg north of the Penguin Outpost. To get here, head to Rellekka, either by walking, or by using your Enchanted Lyre teleport. Take the boat from Rellekka to the Iceberg, and then head to the avalanche to the northwest. The the west is a room; follow the corridor to the Penguin Agility Course.

Penguin Agility Course

Obstacle Agility Experience

Climb Platform 55

Platform Jumps 80

4 Icicle Gates 40

Ice Slope 180

Agility Bonus 65

Total 540


Barbarian Outpost Course

After reaching level 35 Agility, you’ll have the ability to enter the Barbarian Outpost training area located northeast of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. But before entering, you’ll need to complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. Once you complete it, you can enter the area, climb through the Pipe and begin to train your Agility!

For fully completing the course, you’ll receive 117xp, along with a 46.2xp bonus, for a total of 163.2 Agility experience. Be warned however, that the obstacles can be failed and you’ll take damage, so it’s a good idea to bring some food with you. Should you fail an obstacle, make sure to try it again so that you can receive the full amount of experience.

First, swing on the Rope Swing and then cross the log. Climb up the Net, cross the Ledge and climb over the 3 Low Walls.

Barbarian Outpost

Obstacle Agility Experience

Pipe 10

Rope Swing 22

Log 13.7

Net 8.2

Balancing Ledge 22

3 Low Walls 41.1

Bonus 46.2

Total 163.2


Brimhaven Agility Arena

The Agility Arena located in Brimhaven is a great place to train once you have level 40 Agility. It’s a big place, and you’ll get lots of experience. To some, the Agility Arena is a fun way to train, while it’s boring to others. Remember, the arena is supposed to be challenging and you’re likely to take quite a bit of damage here.

You’ll want to bring several things, including Boots of Lightness, about 1,000gp, Cakes, and teleportation items (Runes, amulets). The reason for bringing Cakes rather than something like Lobsters is the fact that the more hitpoints you have, the more damage you’ll take. Staying under 20 hits will only cause the obstacles to hit you for 2 points.

Once you have everything, talk to Cap’n Izzy No Beard located in a house north of the entrance to Brimhaven on Karamja Island. Pay him 200gp to enter, and then climb down the ladder into the arena.

Gaining Tickets

Once you’re inside, you should see a flashing arrow on your map. It points in the direction of the Ticket dispenser that you must tag for a ticket. Quickly swing, walk and climb your way over the obstacles and tag a dispenser. The first time, you won’t get a ticket, but you’ll see that the counter in the top of your screen has turned green. Tagging the next dispenser will get you a ticket. If you miss, it will turn red and you’ll need to start over. You have about 30-60 seconds to tag the dispenser.

For a more detailed explanation, be sure to check out the Brimhaven Agility Arena Guide.

The Obstacles

There are lots of obstacles to pass in the Agility Arena. Some require Agility levels of 1, while others require you to have 20 or 40.

Agility Arena

Obstacle Agility Level Agility Experience

Saw Blade 1 0

Walking Plank 1 6

Low Wall 1 8

Rope Balance 1 10

Log Balance 1 12

Monkey Bars 1 14

Balancing Ledge 1 16

Jumping Pillars 1 18

Rope Swing 1 20

Spike Floor 20 24

Pressure Pad 20 26

Hand Holds 20 22

Spinning Blades 40 28

Dodge Darts 40 30

When you wish to leave, just teleport out, or climb the ladder on the northeast-most platform.


You can speak to Pirate Jackie the Fruit to trade your tickets in for rewards:

240 Agility experience - 1 Ticket

2,480 Agility experience - 10 Tickets

6,500 Agility experience - 25 Tickets

28,000 Agility experience - 100 Tickets

320,000 Agility experience - 1,000 Tickets

Toadflax Herb - 3 Tickets

Snapdragon Herb - 10 tickets

Pirate’s Hook - 800 Tickets


Monkey Agility Course

This Agility course is located in the southwest part of Ape Atoll Island. It is first used during the Recipe for Disaster Quest in the ninth part to obtain a nut for Mizaru to eat. You’ll need at least level 48 Agility to use the Agility course, along with either a Ninja or Archer Monkey GreeGree.

First you’ll need to transform into a Ninja or Archer Monkey, and then cross the Stepping Stone and climb up the Tropical Tree:

Next, climb along the Monkey Bars:

Run along the Skull Slope:

Swing across the river using the Rope Swing:

Lastly, climb down the last Tropical Tree:

Monkey Agility Course

Obstacle Agility Experience

Stepping Stone 40

Climb Tropical Tree 40

Monkey Bars 40

Climb Skull Slope 60

Rope Swing 100

Tropical Tree Descent 300


Wilderness Agility Course

The training course is located in the northwest part of the deep Wilderness around levels 50-55. It’s one of the most dangerous places for Agility, as you can be PKed while training! It is suggested that you take:

A Knife or Sword for cutting the Webs, upon taking the Ardougne house teleport. If you take a weapon along with no other valuable items then if you get attacked then you will have the ability to try to protect yourself.

Decent food.

Boots of Lightness

Do not bring armor!

Do not bring teleport Runes or expensive stuff; there’s no quick way out!

Be warned, if you fall, you’ll lose a big percentage of your hitpoints, and downstairs there are some aggressive Skeletons as well. So good food is recommended, and if you need to get some more, go to the Mage Arena bank. Be careful, there are level 22 Skeletons throughout the course!

Wilderness Course

Obstacle Agility Experience

Balance Ledge 15

Tunnel 12.5

Rope Swing 20

Stepping Stones 20

Balance Logs 20

Rocks 0

Bonus 498.9

Total 571

Now why would anybody want to train here? Well, if you complete the entire course correctly, you’ll receive 498.9 bonus experience, making a total of 571 experience!


Werewolf Fetch Game

This is the ultimate Agility challenge! You need at least 60 Agility to play (as well as a Ring of Charos), and you can find it just west of the Skullball arena. It’s very difficult, and it’s also timer-based like Skullball. The object of the game is to get the stick that the Agility Trainer throws and bring it back to him to get an experience reward.

First, jump across each of the Stepping Stones over the water. Then jump over the 3 Hurdles, climb through the Tunnel, climb over the Skull Slope and slide down the Death Slide/Zip Line.

Warning: Do not have any type of head gear equipped when you attempt to do this course, because you’ll need to use your teeth to slide down the Zip Line at the end.

For accomplishing this feat, you can receive 540xp. It’s helpful if you don’t carry much weight while doing this course.

Werewolf Agility Course

Obstacle Agility Experience

Stepping Stones 50

Hurdles 60

Tunnel 15

Skull Slope 25

Death Slide 200

Bonus 190

Total 540


Yanille Agility Dungeon

North of Yanille is a small shack with some Webs blocking the entrance. Slash them with a sharp weapon and you’ll be able to enter the Agility Dungeon, mainly used for Herblore and Combat training. At the entrance are some Giant Bats, and a Balancing Ledge. Cross it and you’ll find some Chaos Druids for Herblore training. Don’t use the Prayer Altar unless you want to fall into a pit of Poison Spiders!

Past the Druids are some Monkey Bars, which lead to another room with more Chaos Druids. The door to the south leads to the Yanille Bank, but it requires level 82 Thieving to open. Continuing east and down the stairs, you’ll find Salarin the Twisted. He can only be killed with Strike spells, and he sometimes drops a Sinister Key. This allows you to open the Sinister Chest past the Pipe that contains various Herbs including Torstol.

Yanille Agility Dungeon

Obstacle Agility Level Agility Experience

Balancing Ledge 40 23

Pipe 49 7

Monkey Bars 57 20

Pile of Rubble 67 5

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Agility Guide List<==

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