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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Runescape Prayer Guide

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Prayer Guide List<==

When you pray to the Gods of RuneScape, they will help you by making you instantly stronger, or un-affected by a foes’ attack, depending on the prayer that you use. To use more prayers and to make them last longer, you should bury bones which are dropped by many monsters throughout RuneScape.

You can find a graphical prayer list by clicking on the silver-colored symbol located to the right of the game screen. It will tell you which prayers you are using, the ones that you can use, and any ones that you can’t use yet. To activate a prayer just click on the one you wish to use, and to de-activate it just click on it again.


Colored-in Icon: This means that you have enough experience and are a high enough level in order to use the prayer.

Lit-up Icon: The prayer is in use and will continue to drain your prayer points until you stop praying.

Blacked-out Icon: You’re unable to use the prayer until you reach the required prayer level.

You can use more than one prayer at a time, but your prayer points will drain faster if you do. When your points drain down to 0, you will be unable to use any prayers until you recharge at an altar. Altars can be found in many churches around RuneScape. They can also be built in the Chapels of Player Owned Houses.

Stat-Boosting Altars

Some Altars will provide you with extra Prayer Points if you pray at it while you have full prayer points (ie: 30/30). There are currently two known Altars that posess this property:

The Altar upstairs in the Prayer Guild adds 2 Prayer Points.

The Nature Shrine in Mort Myre Swamp, which you gain access to after completing the Nature Spirit Quest, adds 2 Prayer points.



By taking a short walk through the town of Lumbridge, you could most likely find a backpack full of bones, but you may have more luck by killing monsters for them. Many monsters and NPC’s that you can fight will drop bones, but others will not drop any. There are also different kinds of bones you can find, depending on the enemy.

Chart of Bones

Picture Bones Prayer Experience Obtained From…

Shaking Bones 3 Zombies & Skeleton Monkies on Ape Atoll.

Wolf Bones 4.4 Any kind of Wolf

Bones 4.5 Cows, Chickens, Men; most other fightable NPC’s.

Small Monkey Bones 5 Zombie Monkies

Monkey Bones 5 Monkies

Burnt Bones 5 Greater Demons

Bat Bones 5.25 Giant Bats

Big Bones 15 All kinds of Giants and Ogres.

Jogre Bones 15 Jogres

Medium Monkey Bones 16 Ninja Monkies, Zombie Monkies.

Marinated J’ Bones 18 Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Quest.

Large Monkey Bones 18 Monkey Temple Guard

Zogre Bones 22.5 Zogres

Shaikahan Bones 25 The Shaikahan, east of Tai Bwo Wannai.

Baby Dragon Bones 30 Baby Red & Blue Dragons.

Wyvern Bones 50 Skeletal Wyverns

Dragon Bones 72 All kinds of Dragons.

Fayrg Bones 84 Zombie & Skeleton Ogres in Gu’Tanoth

Raurg Bones 96 Zombie & Skeleton Ogres in Gu’Tanoth

Dagannoth Bones 125 All kindsf of Dagannoths

Ourg Bones 140 Zombie & Skeleton Ogres in Gu’Tanoth


Another good way for Members to gain Prayer experience is by killing Ghasts in the Mort Myre Swamp. After starting the Nature Spirit Quest, you are able to enter the swamp, but you should first complete the quest and receive a Druid Pouch to fill with ‘Natures Harvests.’ This will cause any Ghasts that attack to become visible so that you can kill it. Defeating a Ghast will give 30 experience to Prayer.


By burning the remains of the Mort’ton Shades, you’ll receive Prayer experience. First you need to complete the Shades of Mort’ton Quest. Then you can cut some logs and pour some Sacred Oil on them. Kill a Shade and use the logs on 1 of the Pyres around the village. Place the remains on the Pyre as well, and light it with a Tinderbox. More info can be found in the Firemaking guide.

Chart of Shades

Picture Shade Prayer Experience

Loar 25

Phrinn 37.5

Riyl 61

Asyn 79.5

Fiyr 100

One of the main reasons for burning shades is for the purpose of obtaining keys for the Mort’ton Dungeon. Inside, you’ll find various doors which require a different key, and inside of those rooms will be a chest; some of which contain Fine Cloth, used in making Splitbark Armor.



After compleing the Ghosts Ahoy Quest, Ectofuntus can be used to gain more Ecto-tokens and Prayer experience. Ecto-Tokens can be used for many things inside Port Phasmatys, and you’ll receive experience for worshipping the Ectofuntus. The Prayer experience earned for worhipping the Ectofuntus is 4 Times the normal experience received when just burying them.

But before you head off to worship this slimy structure, make sure you have Pots, Buckets (enough for the number of Bones you are bringing), Bones, and an Amulet of Ghostspeak. The Ectophial is also handy for teleporting from the Pool of Slime to the Ectofuntus.

Speak to the Ghost Disciple and ask about Ectofuntus. Climb down the trapdoor to the west and continue downwards until you find a Pool of Slime. Fill your buckets and head back up to the temple. Grind several sets of bones in the bone Grinder upstairs. To do this, use them with the machine, wind it up, and then empty each 1 into a Pot. Now climb downstairs and use the Slime with the Ectofuntus.


Bones Prayer Experience

Bones 18

Wolf Bones 18

Burnt Bones 18

Monkey Bones 20

Small Monkey Bones 20

Bat Bones 21

Big Bones 60

Jogre Bones 60

Medium Monkey Bones 64

Large Monkey Bones 72

Zogre Bones 90

Babydragon Bones 120

Dragon Bones 288

Fayrg Bones 336

Raurg Bones 384

Ourg Bones 560

For a detailed guide on worshipping the Ectofuntus, check out the guide on Worshipping the Ectofuntus Quickly & Efficiently.


The Prayers

There are many different kinds of prayers that can aide you in battle, doing things from keeping an enemy from hitting you with his axe, to making your hits more powerful or even speeding up the recovery of your stats.

Prayer Chart

Prayer Name Prayer Level Affect of Prayer

Thick Skin 1 Defense +5%

Burst of Strength 4 Strength +5%

Clarity of Thought 7 Attack +5%

Sharp Eye 8 Ranged +5%

Mystic Will 9 Magic +5%

Rock Skin 10 Defense +10%

Superhuman Strength 13 Strength +10%

Improved Reflexes 16 Attack +10%

Rapid Restore 19 2x faster restore for all stats except Hits & Prayer.

Rapid Heal 22 2x faster restore rate for Hits.

Protect Items 25 Allows you to keep an extra item if you die.

Hawk Eye 26 Ranged +10%

Mystic Lore 27 Magic +10%

Steel Skin 28 Defense + 15%

Ultimate Strength 31 Strength +15%

Incredible Reflexes 34 Attack +15%

Protect From Magic 37 Protection from Magical attacks.

Protect From Missiles 40 Protection from Ranged attacks

Protect From Melee 43 Protection from close combat attacks.

Eagle Eye 44 Ranged +15%

Mystic Might 45 Magic +15%

Retribution 46 Deals damage up to 25% of your maximum Prayer to any nearby enemies if you die.

Redemption 49 If your health drops below 10%, you’ll be healed for 25% of your maximum Prayer. Also drains all of your Prayer Points.

Smite 52 When fighting another player, they will lose 1 Prayer point for every 4 damage you hit.

Prayer Notes

Protect Prayers -Will completly protect you from monster/NPC attacks other than Verac in the Barrows who has the ability to hit through the Protect from Melee Prayer. Has a 50% chance of protecting you from attacks by other players in places such as the Wilderness, Duel Arena or Player Owned Houses in Combat Rings or Dungeons with PvP Combat on.

Multiple Prayers - You can use several prayers at once, but only 1 of each type (i.e. you can’t use Thick Skin and Rock Skin at once).

You can only use either Melee, Magic or Ranged attack prayers at the same time. This means that you could use two Melee Prayers like Incredible Reflexes and Ultimate Strength as long as one raises attack, and the other strength. You can’t use stat boosting Prayers for two different skills, so you can’t use Mystic Lore at the same time as Ultimate Strength.

Protect Prayers, Retribution, Redemption and Smite can only be used 1 at a time; you can’t use mutiple Prayers of this type.


Helpful Objects

There are many things that can improve your prayer, which slows down how fast your points will drain. Of course, you can bury bones to increase your level, but there are also items like robes, amulets and maces that can make your prayers last longer.

Amulets & Symbols

These items are worn around your neck and give special bonuses. They can also be crafted and then enchanted or blessed to bring out the special powers.

Amulets & Symbols

Picture Object Prayer Bonus

Diamond Amulet 1

Amulet of Glory 3

Salve Amulet 4

Holy Symbol of Saradomin 8

Unholy Symbol of Zamorak 8


There are several articles of clothing that can be bought from the Varrock clothing shop, and dropped from monsters that will give you a prayer bonus when worn. You can also buy certain equipment after completing quests such as Recruitment Drive, Wanted! and Slug Menace. The Monk Robes are a spawn in the Prayer Guild, and aren’t bought or obtained from a monster drop.


Object & Picture Prayer Bonus Where to Obtain

Priest Gown 3 Varrock Clothing Shop

Priest Gown 3 Varrock Clothing Shop

Robe of Zamorak 3 Dropped by Necromancers & Iban Disciples

Robe of Zamorak 3 Dropped by Necromancers & Iban Disciples

Druid Robe 4 Dropped by Druids

Druid Robe 4 Dropped by Druids

Monk Robe 6 Upstairs of the Monastery

Monk Robe 5 Upstairs in the Monastery

Shade Robe 5 Dropped by Shades (Random Event)

Shade Robe 5 Dropped by Shades (Random Event)

Lava Cape 2 Completing TzHaar Fight Caves mini-game.

Initiate Sallet 3 The full set of Initiate Armor can be bought from Sir Tiffy in Falador Park after completing the Recruitment Drive Quest.

Initiate Hauberk 5

Initiate Cuisse 6

Verac’s Helm 3 Barrows Reward

Verac’s Brassard 5

Verac’s Plateskirt 4

White Chainmail 1 White Knight Armory- you must have completed the Wanted! Quest before being able to use this armor.

White Platelegs 1

White Plateskirt 1

White Med Helmet 1

White Full Helmet 1

White Square Shield 1

White Kite Shield 1

White Platebody 1

White Boots 1

White Gloves 1

Proselyte Sallet 4 You must have completed the Slug Menace Quest before being able to use these, although you can buy them from other players before completing it.

Proselyte Cuisse 5

Proselyte Tasset 5

Proselyte Hauberk 8

Mitre 5 Obtained from a level 2 Treasure Trail. Requires level 40 Prayer.

Stole 10 Obtained from a level 2 Treasure Trail. Requires level 60 Prayer.

Robe Top 4 Obtained from a level 1 Treasure Trail. Requires level 20 Prayer.

Robe bottom 4 Obtained from a level 1 Treasure Trail. Requires level 20 Prayer.

Cloak 3 Obtained from a level 2 Treasure Trail. Requires level 40 Prayer.

Maces & Other Weapons

When equipped, a mace will give a prayer bonus. They aren’t quite as strong as a heavy battle axe, but if you rely on Prayer, these are the weapons of choice. There are also some other weapons that will grant a Prayer bonus in RuneScape.


Weapon & Picture Prayer Bonus Where to Obtain

Bronze Mace 1 Flynn’s Maces

Iron Mace 1 Flynn’s Maces

White Dagger 1 White Knight Armory

White Short Sword 1 White Knight Armory

White Magic Staff 1 White Knight Armory

White Long Sword 1 White Knight Armory

White Battleaxe 1 White Knight Armory

White Claws 1 White Knight Armory

White 2-H Sword 1 White Knight Armory

White Halberd 1 White Knight Armory

Steel Mace 2 Flynn’s Maces

Black Mace 2 Dropped by Dark Warriors.

Mithril Mace 3 Flynn’s Maces

Adamant Mace 3 Flynn’s Maces

White Mace 3 White Knight Armory

White Warhammer 3 White Knight Armory

White Scimitar 3 White Knight Armory

Rune Mace 4 Champion’s Guild

Dragon Mace 5 Heroes’ Guild

Wolfbane Dagger 5 Reward from the Priest in Peril Quest.

Toktz-mej-tal 5 Bought from TzHaar-Hur-Tel’s Equipment Store in TzHaar.

Verac’s Flail 6 Barrows Reward

Crozier 6 Obtained from a level 2 Treasure Trail. Requires level 60 Prayer.

Prayer Books

Members have the ability to wield Prayer Books, after completing the Horror From the Deep Quest. They are wielded in place of a shield and will initially add 5 to your Prayer bonus, along with other bonuses depending on the Book of the RuneScape God that you choose. You can also perform Ceremonies: Wedding Rites, Blessing, Last Rites, and Preach.

Each book needs to be completed by adding 4 pages (belonging to that book) to it. These pages can be a Treasure Trail Reward, or traded from other players. Once you’ve completed 1 book, you can go back to Jossik and buy another for 5,000gp. If you happen to lose a book, Jossik will give it back to you, and any pages will still be there.

After you’ve completed a book and have level 50 Prayer, you’ll be able to bless the Symbols of the Gods. A Book of Balance can bless both Holy and Unholy Symbols, while the other books can only bless Symbols of the same God.

Prayer Books

Book & Picture Info

Holy Book (S) +8 to Defensive bonuses.

Unholy Book (Z) +8 to Attack bonuses.

Book of Balance (G) +4 to both Attack and Defensive bonuses.


Having Symbols Blessed

Both Holy and Unholy Symbols can be blessed in order to give a special prayer bonus when they’re worn. Once you have your unblessed symbol, you need to bring it to the specific person who will bless it for you.

To bless a Holy Symbol, bring it to Brother Jered upstairs in the Monk’s Monastery. To have your Unholy Symbol blessed, bring it to the Spirit of Scorpius, the ghost in the graveyard just north of the Observatory. Remember, you need to have already completed the Observatory Quest before he will bless your symbols.


Player-Owned House Chapels

Members who own a Player Owned House (POH) have the ability to build a Chapel, in which you may build an altar to pray at. You may also use your bones with the altar to receive some bonus experience, depending on the kind of altar and the number of burners you have lit. The values below show how much of a bonus you will receive when burying bones at an altar, in addition to the usual experience you would normally gain.

Prayer Experience bonuses

Altar Bonus Experience (No Burners) Bonus Experience (1 Burner) Bonus Experience (2 Burners)

Oak Normal 150% 200%

Teak 110% 160% 210%

Cloth 125% 175% 225%

Mahogany 150% 200% 250%

Limestone 175% 225% 275%

Marble 200% 250% 300%

Gilded 250% 300% 350%

So for instance, if you buried some Dragon bones (72xp per bone) at a Gilded Altar with no burners, you would use a math formula like this:

(72 * 2.5) = 180 experience

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Prayer Guide List<==

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