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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Runescape Hitpoints Guide

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Hitpoints Guide List<==

What are hitpoints?
Hitpoints are your life points, and having a higher Hitpoint level allows you to not only fight stronger level monsters, but also affects your combat level! To level up your Hitpoints, you can fight monsters with either of the following skills:
1. Melee, close combat fighting,2. Maging, killing from a distance with magic,3. Ranging, killing from a distance with bow and arrow.
Each of these skills require high determination to level really high, however the first few levels should be easy enough.
Is it true that increasing your Hitpoints also increases your combat level?
Yes, to answer your question more accurately, your style of fighting, which gets you Hitpoint experience will also give you combat levels. Combat levels don’t only come from fighting directly, but also from getting Hitpoint levels and Prayer levels!
What is the highest hitpoints level you can have?
Currently, the highest you can get in any level is 99; however with the use of different potions from Herblore, you can get even higher levels for short amounts of time!
These specific potions increase a skill depending on what strength you take, the highest lasting for about 10-20 minutes. These potions can make your skills reach over 100 too! But be warned, the better the potion (in terms of normal or super type potions), the costlier it will become.
When can I start?
Well, you could always just read on to the first chapter of my guide, Melee.
Melee style fighting is the least effective way of getting your Hitpoints level to a higher standard, but it also lets you get up your combat level in the same way.
Combat Level & Monsters to Train On
Level 3-9: The basic level monsters ranging from levels 1-14.Note: Rats, Chickens and Giant Spiders are not suggested monsters to fight against at this level, being as they give hardly any experience.
Level 10-19: The basic level monsters ranging from levels 15-27.Note: Warrior women give the least amount of exp here, but only by a slight amount.
Level 20-29: The basic level monsters ranging from levels 28-37.
Level 30-39: The medium level monsters ranging from levels 38-47.
Level 40-69: The medium level monsters ranging from levels 48-57.
Level 70-89: The high level monsters ranging from levels 58-67.
Level 90-126: The highest level monsters ranging from levels 68-333.
Note: Levels above 92 are members only and will not be explained in this guide.
Notes on Melee Style Training
Try fighting monsters one section below your own combat level to gain easier and quicker Hitpoints exp. E.g. I was level 70, so I should fight monsters around level 48-57 to make my Hitpoint raising time a lot quicker.Fighting higher level monsters can be a little bit easier in getting up your Hitpoints, but be forewarned that you may need a lot of food if you are a low defense level, just so you don’t get killed.Different Melee Styles
The different Melee styles are as following:
AccurateAggressiveDefensiveRemember that no matter what fighting style you choose to train, you will get equal amounts of Hitpoints experience (about 1.33xp per damage point inflicted).
Maging is the second most effective way of leveling up hitpoints. For more Maging information, check out the Magic Guide.
Before we start Maging, I’d like to add one more thing: non-damage spells (such as Alchemy spells) do NOT give any Hitpoints experience whatsoever.
Magic Level & Monsters to Train On
Level 3-16: Use the best attack type spells you can (strikes) on monsters ranged from levels 1-20
Level 17-35: Use the best attack type spells you can (bolts) on monsters ranged from levels 21-40
Level 36-59: Use the best attack type spells you can (blasts) on monsters ranged from levels 41-60
Level 60+: Members only is recommended.
Notes on Magic style hitpoints raising:
For magic, remember if you have cover from higher level monsters, so that they can not hurt you, feel free to attack them!Be sure to check out what type of attacks your monster can use, just be careful they don’t use magical attacks against youDifferent Maging style attacks
The different maging styles when attacking an opponent are as follows:
Accurate/AggressiveDefensiveThey also all give out equal amounts of Hitpoint experience!
Ranging is the most effective way of getting up your Hitpoints level. For more information on ranging, check the Ranging Guide. All types of ranging give you Hitpoint experience
Ranging Level & Monsters to Train On
Level 3-14: Fight monsters ranged between levels 1-10
Level 15-25: Fight monsters ranged between levels 11-30
Level 26-37: Fight monsters ranged between levels 31-50
Level 37+: Fight all monsters above level 51
Notes on Ranging to gain hitpoints:
Like maging, make sure you find some good cover from opponent monsters before starting, so you don’t get overwhelmed by a higher level monster.Also, remember that, like Meleeing and Maging, no matter what type of ranging you choose, you will always get equal amounts of Hitpoint experience unless of course when you use a cannon which will cost you about 650k.For ranging, fight the monsters in a lower category, just to keep safe if you can’t find any cover, in which case it does not matter.Different Ranging styles
The different ranging styles of attacks are as follows:
Well that wraps it up for Hitpoints leveling on free to play.
Remember to always fight lower category monsters, unless of course you have some cover (when maging and ranging).Keep in mind, the higher levels you get, the harder the Hitpoints levels will become, but it will be worth it in the end.

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Hitpoints Guide List<==


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