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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Utilizing The Bank In The Runescape World

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In Runescape, there will come a point where the importance of banking and storing items instead of leaving them on your inventory backpack will be appreciated. The bank box is usually provided in areas where the icons are indicated so that a player may make a withdrawal or deposit in terms of gold and items on hand. The bank is the safest place to store items which may evidently get lost should a player be killed anywhere in the world of Runescape.

There are players who do not value the presence of a bank account box assigned to them. For one, beginners will have a hard time finding out where the nearest banking place would be in Runescape as they are usually going around in most places, looking for adventure and things to do. Exploring the world in the early parts of the game and interacting and checking out places and the other characters would be among the immediate tasks that people would usually be tasked to do.

Once a player dies, most items would be lost. Resources, weapons and other acquired items through purchases or trade would be lost in such instances since they go with the dead body of the player wherever they may be. After being killed in the game however, a player is restored to a starting point like towns where he will have to re-purchase the lost items and collect again most of the items he lost.

The matter of security is also another issue for accounts when bank accounts are accessed. This is why it has been spread that no player should reveal his username and password to players or fake administrators who try to teach them some in-game techniques and secrets, much of which are scams. Such a practice is rampant in Runescape, and hence the continuous reminders by Runescape and its administrators to be aware of such pranks which could be done to them at any time.

It is recommended to store the special items that will not be of use to a player in their banks. Losing them may be something that a player would regret and dampen morale and spirits when playing the game. Such would only be natural considering that saving all items for the proper moment in the game will be lost once players fail to realize the value of such.

Such issues have their own impact on the players. Some would evidently just leave these items in their bank accounts, while for others, it is better to use them than not to have used them at all. For the latter, the risk is higher since he would not know what lies ahead on his journey. Whatever the case, it would all depend on how valuable such items would be and their use as well when it comes to storing them in the bank box or just having them handy in their inventory pack in Runescape.

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