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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Farming - Gardeners

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==>Runescape Farming Guide List<==

Gardeners can perform two tasks: they can sell various gardening equipment to you and they are able to look after your Farming patch.

Gardeners will not look after every type of Farming patch, though: they only take care of allotments, hop, bush and tree patches (for the locations of the different patches please refer to Farming - Locations).

The gardeners charge for this service, with each kind of plant requiring a different type and amount of produce.

The table below details the various charges for this service:

Fruit/Vegetable To Look After


[image]Potatoes[image]2 x Bucket of compost
[image]Onions[image]1 x Sack of potatoes
[image]Cabbages[image]1 x Sack of onions
[image]Tomatoes[image]2 x Sack of cabbages
[image]Sweetcorn[image]10 x Jute fibre
[image]Strawberries[image]1 x Basket of apples
[image]Watermelons[image]10 x Curry leaf

Hop To Look After


[image]Hammerstone hops[image]1 x Bunch of marigolds
[image]Asgarnian hops[image]1 x Sack of onions
[image]Yanillian hops[image]1 x Basket of tomatoes
[image]Krandorian hops[image]3 x Sacks of cabbages
[image]Wildblood hops[image]1 x Bunch of nasturiums
[image]Barley[image]3 x Bucket of compost
[image]Jute fibre[image]6 x Handful of barley malt

Tree To Look After


[image]Oak[image]1 Basket of tomatoes
[image]Willow[image]1 x Basket of apples
[image]Maple[image]1 x Basket of oranges
[image]Yew[image]10 x Cactus spine
[image]Magic[image]25 x Coconut

Bush To Look After


[image]Redberry[image]4 x Sack of cabbages
[image]Cadavaberry[image]3 x Basket of tomatoes
[image]Dwellberry[image]3 x Basket of strawberries
[image]Jangerberry[image]6 x Watermelon
[image]Whiteberry[image]8 x Bittercap mushrooms
[image]Poison ivy[image]15 x Coconut

Fruit Tree To Look After


[image]Apple tree[image]9 x Raw sweetcorn
[image]Banana tree[image]4 x Basket of apples
[image]Orange tree[image]3 x Basket of strawberries
[image]Curry tree[image]5 x Basket of bananas
[image]Pineapple tree[image]10 x Watermelon
[image]Papaya tree[image]10 x Pineapple
[image]Palm tree[image]15 x Papaya

Special To Look After


[image]Spirit tree[image]5 x Monkey nuts[image]1 x Monkey bar[image]1 x Ground suqah tooth

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==>Runescape Farming Guide List<==

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