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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Relying On The Runescape Mini Map For Navigation

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Most Runescape players may be wondering, what is that little thing at the upper right corner where icons and some trees over a green area are? Well, this is the Runescape client mini map that helps people see where they are exactly. The icons shown stand for something to identify the place. Like bows would represent archery equipment such as bow and arrows, bank icons are where a player can deposit his collected items in the game and so on. They are guides to which a player can check out at any time during the game. Actually a player can use the mini map in the Runescape client as his point of destination compass. He can simply right click and wait for a red flag to appear. The red flag represents where the player is going in the area.

A Runescape player can use up to a 360-degree angle to visualize and see where he can go. This helps especially for Runescape players who are cautious of the possible dangers that the game has in front or behind them. With so much players and NPC’s lurking around, a player can never be too careful since attacks of any sort may occur at any point of the game.

Navigating through the mini map console may be better, although most Runescape players would prefer to have one that would be bigger. While some would not care, a bigger view would help identify the icons better, especially those with poor eyesight and who would want a bigger coverage of the area they are in. Also, for the people who are not used to a rotating angle view, tendency is that they will eventually become dizzy and may take a breather or worse, quit playing. These are only some of the scenarios in the game and mostly depend on the type of players who patronize and get hooked on Runescape.

Prior to log in, a player would find different kinds of worlds to play in. There are two actually, one in the member’s world and the other on the free server world. The member’s world would naturally be for the ones who pay the monthly fee of $5.00 to enjoy the game more completely without restrictions. Of the two, expect the free servers to be packed with new players or people who are content by merely living in the freebie world.

$5.00 is not much and a good rate for subscription to a good game as Runescape. But for some, just like in anything, value for their money is a consideration and for an online game, it would usually carry with it free membership. But let us face it, if people want a well-maintained server, certain fees such as maintenance and hosting expense need to be settled, and with minimum subscription fees as this will go a long way.

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

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