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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Runescape Character Makeover Guide

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==>Runescape Guide List<==

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Located a short distance north of the west Falador Bank, the Falador Hairdresser offers shaves and haircuts for men, and hair styling for women. He can change your hair color too, and it is included in a haircut or shave. Please note that shaves are only for your beard, not for your hair, and they are separate from haircuts.

Price: 1,000gp for male haircuts, 1,000gp for male shaves, and 2,000gp for female hair stylings.

Male Haircuts


Male Shavings


Female Hair Stylings



The Clothing Shop located south of the big water Fountain in Varrock is run by Thessalia. You must talk to her and ask her about the special makeover that she mentioned. You can choose to change either your top or your bottom, and you have the choice of a variety of colors to go with your selection.

Price: 500gp for tops, 500gp for bottoms. A color change is also included.

Male Tops


Male Bottoms


Female Tops


Female Bottoms



You’ll find Yrsa’s Shoe Store in the Members-Only city of Rellekka. The shop is located in the northwest corner of the town. Here you can change the color of your boots, although you are currently unable to choose your boot’s style. You must have already completed the Fremennik Trials Quest before being able to utilize this store.

Price: 500gp for a boot color change.


==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Guide List<==

==>RuneScape Tips List<==

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