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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Runescape Quest Guide: Rune Mysteries Quest

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==>Runescape Quest Guide List<==

Description: Recent research at the Wizards Tower has found a way to create Runes for the first time in centuries. Assist the head Wizard Sedridor in his research and he too may teach you these secrets!

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Difficulty: Novice

Length: Short

Requirements: No information at this time.

Items Needed: Tele runes to Varrock and/or Lumbridge (optional).

Quest Points Reward: 1

Reward: An Air talisman, free Teleport to the Rune essence by speaking to either Aubury or Sedridor.

Start Point: Lumbridge

To Start: Speak to the Duke Horacio of Lumbridge


  1. To begin the quest, speak with Duke Horacio, on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle.

    Duke Horacio

  2. The Duke asks you to take the air talisman he found to the Head Wizard located in the basement of the Wizards Tower.

    Route to Head Wizard

  3. Speak with Sedridor, the Head Wizard, who is in the basement of the Tower.

    Sedridor Location

  4. Sedridor is astonished at the talisman, and asks you to take a research package to his friend, Aubury, in Varrock.


  5. Take Aubury the package. His magic shop is located south of Varrock's East Bank.


  6. Aubury will take the package, and give you notes to take back to Sedridor.

  7. Take back the notes to Sedridor.

    Rune Mysteries Reward

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

After the quest, Aubury or Sedridor will teleport you to the Rune/Pure Essence Mine. There are three other wizards that will teleport you to the Rune/Pure Essence Mine, they are:

  • Wizard Cromperty - Ardougne, north of the market
  • Wizard Distentor - Magic Guild in Yanille
  • Brimstail - Tree Gnome Stronghold, in a cave southwest of the bank

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Quest Guide List<==

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