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Friday, September 28, 2007

Agility - Agility Pyramid

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==>Runescape Agility Guide List<==


The Agility Pyramid is located just north-east of Sophanem in the Kharidian Desert.

To first get to the Agility Pyramid, you will need to climb down a rock slide. This requires a minimum of level 30 Agility. To do the obstacles on this pyramid you will also need a minimum agility level of 30. You can use an Agility potion to increase your Agility level so you can start the pyramid at level 27.
[image: map showing location of the agility pyramid]

[image] Once you have climbed down you will meet Simon Templeton who will ask you to retrieve an artefact from the top of the pyramid.

As you progress up the pyramid the chance of falling from an obstacle increases. If you fall from an obstacle you will fall to the level below and continue ascending the pyramid from that position. You will take damage when you fall from an obstacle!

This Agility course is located in the desert and the heat will affect you by slowly decreasing your hitpoints. To stop this from happening, it is highly recommended that you take waterskins and\or wear desert robes.

[image: map of the pyramid course]

This pyramid consists of five levels. Enter the pyramid on the first level from where Simon stands (at the south-west corner staircase shown on the map above). Then follow each level round in a clockwise direction avoiding each obstacle until you reach the stairs to go up to the next level.

Note: You do not receive a lap bonus for completing each level of the pyramid.

[image] Obstacle Experience Gained [image]
Sliding block0
Rolling block12
[image] Low wall8[image]
[image] Cross gap56.4[image]
Jump gap22
Completed Pyramid1014*

*Please note this is based on a character completing the obstacles in the pyramid without failing. If you were to fail some obstacles, you will gain more experience as you will have to repeat some obstacles.

On the fifth level the artefact (a golden pyramid) is on top of a block. Use the climbing rocks on the side of the block to climb up and get it.


[image] Once you have the pyramid in your inventory, avoid the last two obstacles and take the stairs (from within the block the pyramid was on) down to the ground level.

Travel back down to Simon and he will exchange this for 1000gp!

This is the only Agility area where you can earn gold.


==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Agility Guide List<==

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