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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Runescape Exploits

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Alrighty, I have to say, I have found three exploits in Runescape, that don't require your username, password, or e-mail. Lucky you eh? One of these exploits was found out by myself, and another I was told in person by someone at my school who played and quit playing about a month ago. The last one was also found out by me.

1st Exploit (100% Working): Dual Login With Only Internet Windows

1.) Open up Internet Explorer (or Firefox), and go to http://www.runescape.com/.

2.) Choose High Detail, and select a world to play in. (Remember that world!)

3.) Do not login that character!

4.) Minimize the Internet Window, and open another Internet Window.

5.) Take that one to http://www.runescape.com/ also.

6.) Click the on the Play Runescape button.

7.) At the detail screen where you select detail, scroll down to the bottom.

8.) Open the drop down Java Version Window and select "Unsigned Applet Using Default Java".

9.) Select the gray Low Detail button below that Java Version Window.

10.) Choose the same world as your other character.

11.) Log both characters in (Yes, it will let you!).

12.) Congratulations! You just did a Dual Login with only the common Iternet Window.

2nd Exploit (Not Known to Work Very Well): Invincibility For Members (Dual Arena)

1.) You must be a member! Login to a member's world.

2.) Go to the Al Kharid Dual Arena.

3.) Get some type of poisoned weapon first (ddp, dds, dd+, Dragon Spear (s), etc...)

4.) Challenge someone. When you start dualing, immediatily start using your super attack on him with the poisoned weapon.

5.) The open your stats window (The sidebar icon with the different color bars)

6.) Click as fast as you can on the crafting icon.

7.) Keep doing that till you opponent dies from being poisoned.

The trick is that you poisoned him, and when you click the crafting icon, neither of you can attack each other, therefore, you are stationary and he is slowly dieing from poison. This will work on any level opponent. Practice it some before going all out and betting money.


3rd Exploit (100% Working): Detect If Moderators Are Present While Autotyping

This exploit is mainly for those who use autotypers in merchanting worlds (i.e. World 1, World 2, etc...)

1.) Start Runescape up like normal (Can be client or regular internet, doesn't matter).

2.) Go to your usual selling or buying world.

3.) Now down where is says Public Chat, Private Chat, Trade/Compete, click the setting below Public Chat, till it shows the setting "Hide".

4.) Start up your autotyper and begin your normal merchanting.

5.) When a moderator, if he's somewhere around your area, begins speaking, it will show up in your chat window

6.) Stop autotyping till he leaves, or find a new spot. Warning avoided.

This is also a good trick to see who traded you instantly without it scrolling away. The moderator is going to be talking around you because he's probably there to buy and sell things too.

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