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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Offer Best Runescape Hack Tools & Cheats for Free!

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Now Download you Runescape Tools:

AresBot - Autoing Bot [Download Now]

Brand new Autoing bot. Pretty good.

Sythe AutoFighter [Download Now]

Sythe AutoFighter - Pretty good, not too bad. Nice interface!

AutoTalker X Pro [Download Now]

overall rating: 9.5 / 10

creator: Jeremy


Supports multiple lines of text

Built in ...

CruelMiner [Better than SythePowerMiner] [Download Now]

Much better than Sythe's... so I've heard. Feel free to


EliteTools by Cody [Download Now]

Take Screenshots, Look up player stats, auto typer, auto

clicker, much more. Simple, fast, and easy, is the key of

RS2Cheating's AutoFighter [Download Now]

AutoFighter by RS2Cheating's Kuroro.

The RS2Cheating site may be down, so we have an alternative

RS2Cheating's AutoMagic [Download Now]

This magic cheating macro is designed for rs2, you can

easily level up to level 60 magic in less than ...

Sythe AutoWoodCutter (BETA) [Download Now]

Current Functionality:

- Auto drop

- Runs away from fights

- Logs out if you get a mysterious box

- Will attempt to find axehead if it flies off

- Basic Ent detection

- Tries to talk to randoms

- Will beep distinctively if it logs you out due to one of

the above

Current Version: 1.3

Modification Log:

1.1 - Missing resources fixed

1.2 - Runaway bug patched

1.3 - Ent detection bug which caused long click delay fixed

So far best trial run: 90 minutes

Sythe Power Miner [Download Now]


You can use up to 15 picks



Doesnt do anything about randoms.

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1 comment:

wraith said...

This is the best autofighter i've ever seen.