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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Runescape Quest Guide: Dragon Slayer

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Quest Guide List<==

  1. I would advise collecting as many of the neccessary items as possible before you actually start questing. Click here for a little guide for the required items. For now, you can leave everything in the bank except the Lobster Pot, Wizard's Mind Bomb, Unfired Bowl, and Silk. Once you have those items, go talk to the Guild Master in the Champions Guild and ask him about Rune Platemail.

  2. Go North-west of the Barbarian village and talk to Oziach. Ask him about Rune Platemail, and he will tell you that to prove your worth, you must kill Elvarg the dragon. He will also warn you about the dragon's breath, and will tell you that the Duke of Lumbridge Castle may have an Anti-Dragon shield in his armoury.

  3. Ask Oziach where you can find Elvarg. He will tell you of the map that has been torn into 3 parts. Ask about the first part of the map, and he will give you a key to Melzar's Maze. He says to speak to the Oracle about the second part, and says that a goblin from the Goblin Village stole the last part.

  4. Now head for the Oracle.

    Once you reach him, ask him about the part of the map, and he will tell you a riddle:

    Here's what you need:

    1. a drink used by a mage - Wizard Mind Bomb

    2. some worm string, changed to sheet - Silk

    3. a small crustacean cage - Lobster Pot

    4. a bowl that's not seen heat - Unfire Bowl

  5. If you already have the items you need, then go down into the Dwarven Mines (the entrance is just south of the Oracle), and make your way to the room with the chest in it:

    Open and search the chest, and you'll recieve the first map part.

  6. Before you get the next part of the map, get your fighting gear and some food out of the bank. You'll be fighting Giant Rats (Level-6), Ghosts (Level-19), Skeletons (Level-22), Zombies, and a Lesser Demon. Now head for Melzar's Maze (south of the Crafting Guild):

    1. Once there, use the Maze key on the door to get in. Kill the Giant Rats (Level-6) until you recieve another Key (it should be Red).

    2. Now use the red Key on the North-West door and go up the ladder.

    3. Now start killing the Ghosts (Level-19) until you recieve another key. This time it should be Orange (you might think it's Gold).

    4. There are 4 doors on the east wall of the room you are in. Use your key on the 2nd one from the north. (if you're facing the east wall, its the 2nd from the left).

    5. Go up the ladder, then start killing Skeletons (Level-22) until you get another key. This one should be Yellow.

    6. There are 3 doors on the South wall of the room. Use the key on the farthest West one.

    7. Walk down the hallway, descend the ladder, and another ladder, and another ladder. When you reach the basement, start killing Zombies (Level-24) until you get a Blue Key.

    8. Use the door on the Northwest door (the one with the blue top). Kill Melzar the Mad (Level-43) (why did you think it was called Melzar's Maze?).

    9. Now make sure that you're completely healed, and walk around the corner and attack one of the Lesser Deamons (Level-82). As long as you have some food you'll be fine. I only used 11 Salmon and had no problem (at level 46).

    10. Now use the Green Key on the door on the North wall. Open the chest, and search it to recieve the 1st map part.

    11. Leave the maze by going up the ladder, through the door, and back the way you came in. Think twice before you get rid of the Maze key. Melzar's Maze is a great place for training, and I wish I still had my Maze key.

  7. Head back to the bank (Falador and Draynor are both close by) and withdraw either:

    1. Runes or Bow/Arrows to kill Wormbrain with + Tele-grab runes

    2. 10k to buy the Map Part from Wormbrain

  8. Now head to the Jail in Port Sarim. Either kill Wombrain (Level-2) and Tele-grab the last Map Part, or talk to him and buy it for 10k.

  9. Now you need to get an Anti-Dragon Shield. Go to Lumbridge Castle, and talk to Duke Horacio about the shield, and he will give you one. You may want to drop the first one, and ask for another just in case you die and lose one.

  10. Head back to Port Sarim (pick up your Planks, Hammer, 90 Nails, 2k, and Map parts on the way at Draynor). Use one of the Map parts on one of the other parts, and the map will be put together. Head down to the southernmost part of the pier in Port Sarim, and talk to Klarense. Ask to buy the ship, and he'll sell it for 2k, and throw in the Cabin Boy.

  11. Get off the ship and head back to Draynor. Find Ned and talk to him to give him the map. Now you must prepare for battle. Get out everything you'll need to fight Elvarg (food, potions, weapon, armor, and your Anti-Dragon Shield). Also, get 30 gp out of the bank so you can ride the ship back to Port Sarim.

    Dragon fire can hit very high without the Anti-Dragon Shield, so if you plan on ranging, use a crossbow and bolts (or a Throwing weapon if you're a member) instead of a bow and arrows because you can't weild a shield with a bow.

  12. Walk back to your ship (I suggest you walk so you can recharge your Energy). Now step aboard the Lady Lumbridge, go down the ladder, and talk to Ned to start sailing.

  13. When you reach Crandor, your ship will be pretty much destroyed, but you won't need it again anyway, so don't worry. Head north and start going up the mountain. Head north on the higher level of land until you reach some King Scorpions (Level-32). Follow the same path until you reach another little hill. Walk up it past the Lesser Demons (Level-82) until you see the Rock opening in the ground.

  14. I would suggest either letting your hits get up to full while avoiding the Lesser Demons, or use some of your food to heal. Go down the Rock opening, and dodge by the Skeletons (Level-22) here. Then run through the Level 44 Skeletons and enter Elvarg's Lair. If you can, avoid attacking right away so you can be completely prepared when the fight starts. Take any potions you have now, and make sure you have your Anti-Dragon Shield equipped.

  15. Once you have defeated Elvarg, you will be transported outside her lair to where the Skeletons are. Congratulations! You have defeated the Dragon!

  16. But that doesn't mean you're done. You've still got to get off of Crandor! Head south (thats not the same way you came in) past the Lesser Demons until you reach a wall. There is a secret entrance to Crandor that you need to open. Click "Open Wall" and you will "remember" the location so that you can use it from both directions from now on.

  17. Now head southeast along the wall past the Red Spiders until you reach the Skeletons. Look around for a Climbing Rope and go up it. You are now standing on the top of the Karamja Volcano. Head east until you reach the end of the island, then talk to one of the Customs Officers and pay them 30 gp to ride the ship back to Port Sarim. Congratulations! Now go buy a Rune Platemail Body!

    If you forgot to bring the 30 gp, just talk to the farmer and pick bananas for him.

    Am I Ready?

    When i started Dragon Slayer, I was level 46, with 1 Prayer, 7 Ranged, and 4 Magic. My combat stats were 40 attack, 40 Strength, 40 Defence, and 40 Hits. I didn't have much trouble with Elvarg or any of the other monsters, but if you're going to attempt Dragon Slayer, I would have at least my Combat Level, and a completely full inventory of Lobsters and/or Swordfish. I killed Elvarg right when I ate my last Lobster, and I only had 12 Lobsters and 10 Salmon.

    After I completed the quest, I was level 48, and had 40 Attack, 44 Strength (very close to 45), 44 Defence, and 40 Hits. To sum up, if you ha ve at least 40 each in Attack, Strength, and Defence, then you should be fine as long as you have a full inventory of either Lobsters, Swordfish, or a higher fish or a combination of those.

    Item Guide

    1. 90 Nails (require 34 Smithing)

      Nails can be made from Steel Bars, and they require level 34 Smithing. You get 15 Nails from each bar, so you'll need 6 bars.

    2. 10k gp (if you can't tele-grab)

      You'll have to find your own way to make the 2k (sorry, there aren't any quick-cash secrets in Runescape).

    3. 3 Planks

      Planks can be found in the Wilderness in the Graveyard. Look here for a map of a couple paths you can take to find the planks:

    4. Hammer

      Hammers can be bought at any General Store, so you can just pick it up sometime when you walk by a General Store during the quest (you might want to get it when you visit the Duke in Lumbridge; he is right near the Lumbirdge General Store.

    5. 2000 gp

      You'll have to find your own way to make the 2k (sorry, there aren't any quick-cash secrets in Runescape).

    6. Unfired bowl

      Unfired bowls are made with clay. You'll need at least level 7 Crafting to spin the bowl. Just mine some clay, use a jug or bucket of water with it to turn it into workable clay, and then use it on a Potter's Wheel, and spin a Bowl, but Do Not Fire It! F2pers can find Potter Wheels in the Barbarian Village and the Crafting Guild (40 Crafting Required). Members can find Potter Wheels in West Ardougne, the Digsite, and Rellekka.

    7. Lobster Pot

      Lobster Pots can be bought in Fishing Stores and the Fishing Guild (p2p only).

    8. Silk

      Silk can be bought at the Clothing Shop in Varrock, the Silk seller in Al Kharid, or the Silk Stall in East Ardougne.

    9. Wizard Mind Bomb

      Wizard Mind Bombs can be bought in the Falador Tavern, Burthorpe Toad & Chicken Inn, and the Games Room.

That's the last of my Runescape quest guides that I've done for this newcomer tutorial, I do hope you enjoyed reading it and found it useful. Please don't let that be the end of your journey however. Check out Killer Guide's ultimate Runescape Quest Guide List. It packs a punch at over 100 pages of detailed quest walkthroughs.

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Quest Guide List<==

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