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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Real Money Outside The Runescape World

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Accounts and items have certain values for most players in Runescape. Just like other online games where items collected and trained with high skill would have monetary value of which people would really pay for them. While some people would call this crazy, it only goes to show how addicting and attached Runescape players are with regards to the importance of acquiring rare and special items and also the established skills by most people for their investment as far as logging such accounts online.[Cheap RS Money]
Runescape administrators warn players on these kinds of practices and actually make efforts to prohibit from making Runescape a profit generating scheme for people who can spare time to raise skills and patiently go around the world and participate in special events such as Runescape quests to garner such specialized items and stuff. Despite such prohibitions, players still go and proceed with offering real money for such accounts and items. Of course the receiving players would be all smiles and may even make a living out of it by creating another account, investing time on it, and raising the skill levels. There are people who are particularly interested about skills only since this is the hard part when leveling is concerned.[Cheap RS Money]
Overall, there is really nothing illegal with such transactions. Runescape autoers and toolkits may be used, but all the same, it is how a player is able raise his level that matters and this becomes the valuable point when purchasing an account is concerned. Items can be done in game, but some people prefer the real value of money over them rather than the usual gold in Runescape. While it is a fact that gold is an essential necessity in Runescape, some are wise enough to con players into buying items outside the game. To date, such transactions are really being done and honestly, there is nothing illegal about them.[Cheap RS Money]
Everything boils down on how a player is attached to the game. Items with special tags are rare items that anyone would die for. Besides, it cannot be discounted that some people are just simply after being the first and among the elite people to have rare items or be among the first to gain possession to them. Such is a practice the even extend to the real world, something that has no clear explanation outside that of having them above all.[Cheap RS Money]
Valuing the game is okay, but to go as far as shelling out real cash for them is another thing. This depends on the player behind the keyboard and the mouse. Some can really afford to shell out the said money while some are just being conned into believing that it is the only way to gain possession of such.[Cheap RS Money]Runescape Powerleveling

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Free Runescape Money List<==

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