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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Smithing Help

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Smithing Guide List<==

Smithing is an impressive skill and a very difficult one. Since this skill is very hard to train, some people may want to quit. This guide is not only made for this kind of players but also for people that are just looking for a faster way to train or a way to make money with Smithing.


Quests play an important role in the tedious task of getting 99 in Smithing as fast as possible.

First of all, here are the quests that give experience for Smithing.

  • Knight's Sword* - 12,725 exp
  • Elemental Workshop II - 7,500 exp

  • Cabin Fever - 7,000 exp
  • Between a Rock - 5,000 exp
  • Devious Minds - 6,500 exp
  • Elemental Workshop I - 5,000 exp
  • Hero's Quest - 3,075 exp
  • Giant Dwarf - 2,500 exp
  • Recipe for Disaster - 1,000 exp

There are also quests that give choosable experience; you can give these experience points to Smithing.

  • Legends' Quest - 7,650 exp to four skills of your choice.
  • Tourist Trap - 4,650 exp on two skills chosen by you: Agility, Fletching, Smithing and Thieving.
  • One Small Favour - Two Antique Lamps that give 10,000 exp to two skills of your choice, although they must be at least level 30.
  • A Tail of Two Cats - Two Antique Lamps that give 2,500 exp to any 2 skills of your choice that are level 30 or higher.
  • Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen - An Antique Lamp which gives 2,500 exp to any skill above 30.
  • Darkness of Hallowvale - A Tomb of Experience which gives 2,000 exp to any skill of your choice, per chapter in the book.

The First Levels

Level 1-15

To get level 15 Smithing, you will need to smelt and smith 128 Bronze bars, assuming that you made the Bronze Dagger in the Tutorial Island. To get the ores, you have 2 choices:

  • Buying them yourself, If you have enough money, it is going to cost you around 2560 coins, maybe less, depending from who you buy them.
  • You can also mine the ores since you are training another skill and you can keep the money for something else. If you want to mine the ores, it is strongly recommended to raise your Mining level by doing a quest. The Doric's Quest is the only quest that gives Mining experience for non-members. However, if you are a member, you can take a look at the other quests and choose another one that suits you. Mine the Copper and the Tin in the Varrock South-East mine.

Where to mine and bank

If you are a member, you can mine the Copper and the Tin easier in some other mines. For example, You can try the Taverley mine, which contain 2 Copper and 6 Tin ores. You need 5 Agility though to be able to use the shortcut that make you climb over a crumbling wall. You can also try the Port Khazard Mine. It contains 7 Tin and 4 Copper ores and Yanille's bank is quite close. The advantage of this mine is that it is rarely crowded so you can mine in peace.

Port Khazard's Mine. Bank in Yanille.

Port khazard mine

Taverley Mine. Bank in Falador.

Taverly mine

Level 15-30

At level 15, you can smith Iron. Iron is maybe the worst way of getting experience because, when you smelt it, you only get an Iron bar 50% of the time. You can use Rings of Forging which is not recommended due to the value of the rings. The easiest way to get through these hard levels is by doing the Knight's Sword quest. When you will have done this quest, your Smithing will be level 31.

Here is where the road Split. Either you want to make money or to level fast, you will choose a route or another.

Members Only

Money Making With Smithing

Now you are 31 Smithing, your main goal is to get 35 Smithing so you can make Cannonballs . To get 35 Smithing, you will need to smelt and smith 133 Steel bars. You can buy the 133 Iron ores and the 266 Coal in Falador east bank in a world where 1900+ people are playing. Buy Iron ores 80-100 coins each and the Coal 150-180 coins each. You can also mine them if your Mining level is high enough: get the best pickaxe you can use, and start mining the Iron. If you have mined all the Iron and you are not level 30 Mining, continue mining some Iron and just bank it or even drop it. When you are level 30 Mining, go mine the Coal. Mine both the Iron and the Coal in the Dwarven Mine but pay attention to the Scorpions (level 14) and the King Scorpion (level 32). You should bank in Falador east bank.

CannonballNow that you are level 35 Smithing, you can make the famous Cannonballs. Now, you can start to make some decent amount of money. All you have to do, is to buy the Iron ores and the Coal in Falador and smelt bars and then use the bars with a furnace when holding a Cannonball mould to turn them into Cannonballs. If you want to make even more money, you can mine the ores yourself in the Dwarven mine.

If you want to get to 99 with this method, from level 35 to level 99, you will need to smelt and smith 295,729 Steel bars into Cannonballs. It may look like a lot of Smithing; it is indeed a lot of Smithing. You will smith 1,182,916 Cannonballs, Go to world 2 and sell the Cannonballs 200 coins each. You will have 236,583,200 coins and you are now a millionaire with 99 Smithing.

Poor Man's Money-Making:

Iron knifeFirst of all, you will only need 22 Smithing to be able to make money this way. Do the Knight's Sword quest even though you don't need 30 Smithing. You do need 22 smithing and getting this level by smithing Iron is slow and not recommended at all. Now that you are 22 Smithing, you are able to make Iron Knives. All you have to do is to buy 1000-2000 Iron bars, depending on how much money you have, do not pay more than 200 coins per bar. Then you smith these bars into Iron Knives. You will receive 5 Iron Knives per bar. All you have to do is to sell the Knives 40-50 coins each. It may be slow money, but if you are too poor to afford the Cannonballs way, this way will still help you get enough money to start the Cannonballs process. Remember, do not try to get 99 Smithing with this way, this is just a transitory period in which you try to gather money to do the Cannonball process.

Fast Experience With Smithing:

Goldsmith gauntletsNow, you are level 31 Smithing, your goal is to get level 40 Smithing so you can smelt Gold bars and do the Family Crest quest. It is also important to say that for that quest, you will need 40 Crafting, 40 Mining, 40 Smithing, 59 Magic and the ability to defeat a demon level 170. To be level 40 Smithing, you will need to smelt and smith 402 Steel bars. This means that you will need 402 Iron ores and 804 Coals. As stated before, you can either buy the ores (if you can afford them) or mine them. When you reach level 40 Smithing and you have all the requirements for the Family Crest quest, gather the three pieces of the Crest. When you have the Steel Gauntlets, go see Avan (one of the NPC's of the quest) and ask him to enchant your Steel Gauntlets into GoldSmith gauntlets.

Now that you have these gauntlets, smelt Gold bars while wearing these gauntlets to receive 56.2 experience points per bar. From level 40 to level 99 Smithing, you will need to smelt 231,268 Gold bars. It is faster than any other way since you only have to smelt, you don't need to smith. You can mine the Gold ores, but it is not recommended for fast experience. If you still want to mine them, finish the Between a Rock quest and mine the Gold here while wearing your helmet. Here is another way of getting fast experience without wasting money: Buy the Gold ores 300 coins each, smelt the bars and sell the bars again for the same price. If however you want to make money with these Gold bars, you can use them for Crafting. You can Thieve the gems in the Rogue's Den or the gem's stall in Ardougne's market. Make amulets from the gems you thieved and high-alchemize them.


Making Money With Smithing

The advantage with this method, is that you can start right after you finish the Knight's Sword quest. This money-making way consists of smelting bars and selling them. As for each way, you can either buy the ores or mine them. For fast money, buy the ores and the Coal in Falador, smelt the bars in Al-kharid and sell the bars.

Level 31-85

For these levels, you will need to smelt Steel bars. If you buy the Iron ores 100 coins each and the Coal 150 coins each, you use 400 coins per bar. However, people buy Steel bars for 500-550 each so it is quite a big profit that you just made. You still receive a little amount of experience (17,5 exp per bar). From level 31 to level 85, you will need to smelt: 185,340 Steel bars. You make quite a lot of money with this way, but it is now time to go for an even bigger amount of money: Runite bars.

Level 85-99

It is time now for you to smelt the best bars: Runite bars. You can buy the Runite ores 10,000-12,000 coins each and the Coal 150 each. You use 12,000-14,000 coins per bar and you can sell the bars 15,000 coins each. That is over 1000 coins of profit per bar. From level 85 to 99, you will need to smelt 195,513 Runite bars.

Fast Experience With Smithing

The only good way to level up for a non-member is by smithing Steel Platebodies. Some people may be wondering why this is the best method for training, here is the explanation. Let say that you have 1000 Coals (since you need Coal for all the items above Steel), with 1000 Coals, while making Steel Platebodies, you receive (1000/ 2) * 55 = 27500 experience points. If you are making Mithril Platebodies, you will only receive (1000/4) * 80 = 20000 experience points. Same thing goes for Adamant and for Rune. You are 31 Smithing and you need 48 Smithing, here is what you should do: smelt and smith 1235 Steel bars. Buy the ores if you can afford them or just mine them.

Now that you are 48 Smithing, you can start smithing Steel Platebodies. If you are using this method, do not buy the ores if you want to make some money. Mine them in Dwarven mines or in the Mining Guild if you have 60 Mining. High-alchemize all the Steel Platebodies you smith. You will receive 1200 coins per Platebody.

If you want to get 99 Smithing with this way (the only good one if you are a non-member), you will need to smelt and smith 235,481 Steel bars. You will make 47,097 Steel Platebodies and when High-alchemizing them, you will get 56,516,400 coins. Remember to mine all the ores you need if you want to make money. The only items you need to buy as a non-member are Nature runes. You can also collect them by killing some monsters that drop a fair amount of these runes like Hill giants, Moss giants, Wizards, Dark wizards, Ice warriors, and many others.

Additional Notes

When smelting Steel bars, you should withdraw 9 Iron ores and 18 Coals. The last spot can be any item while it should be a Cannonball mould if you are smithing cannonballs. Go smelt the bars and when you bank, you withdraw 18 Coals again, you bank the Steel bars and then you withdraw the Iron ores for fast banking.


When High-alchemizing, put you items in this spot, to move your mouse the less possible. When you will click on the High-Alchemy spell, you will be on that spot right away.


The best place to smelt in the non-member worlds is Al-kharid since it is only one click from the bank.

Smelting in al kharid

The best place to smelt in the member worlds is Port Phasmatys. It is even closer than Al-kharid. Note that you need to have completed the Ghost Ahoy quest to gain access to this city, even though you can entering the city if you have 2 ecto-tokens. You should also wear an Amulet of Ghostspeak to make the banking process easier.

Smelting in port phasmatys

The best Anvils to smith on are the ones south of Varrock west bank.

The best items to wear when smelting or smithing are the weightless ones to avoid useless waste of energy, it is not the moment to show off your wealth.

If you are a non-member, you can wear whatever you want, but you better stay as light as possible. So keep yourself at 0 or 1 kg.

Freeplay equipment

Boots of lightnessPenance glovesIf you are a member, it is highly recommend that you stay lower than 0. So wear Boots of Lightness and a Spotted/Spottier cape. You can also wear the penance gloves, as they reduce your weight by 4 kg.

Member equipment

Smithing cape of achievementOnce you hit 99 Smithing, you can go buy yourself a brand new Smithing Cape from Thurgo south from Port Sarim. Congratulation, you can now smith every single item, It is for you the time to show off with your emote, you deserve it.

Remember, you can always do a quest when you are tired of Smithing. It will give you some experience while giving you also a feeling of accomplishment.

If you are a member and you are using either the Cannonballs method or the Steel Platemails method, you can always try the Keldagrim Blast Furnace. There, you only need to use half of the Coal needed normally, which is quite an advantage if you buy your ores. It is still difficult to run the Furnace since it is based on teamwork and everybody has to cooperate. You only have access to this furnace after starting Giant Dwarf Quest.

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Smithing Guide List<==

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