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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fishing Help

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Fishing Guide List<==

Fishing is the main source of food. You have to cook the fish you caught in order to obtain some food. You will need food when you fight, when you thieve and when you will train your Agility. It means that it is very important to master this skill.

Fast Experience

Levels 1-20

These levels are boring since you don’t have a lot of choice. You will have to swap a lot. First of all, to be level 5, you will need to catch 37 Shrimpsshrimp with your net. If you lost your netnet, you can either buy it in one of the Fishing Shops or get another one from the Fishing Tutor for free, south of Lumbridge. After you get level 5, you will need a regular Fishing Rod fishing rod and some Fishing Bait. It is suggested fishing with Fishing Bait until level 20. At level 10, you will have the ability to catch Herring so it should go fastersardineherring. From level 5 to level 20, you will need from 105 to 205 Baitsfishing bait.

The karamja dock

You will have to fish at this point from the sea; so you have many choices. If you want to powerfish, fish in the Musa Point and sell the fish to the General Store. You can also light a fire and cook on it so do not forget your Woodcutting Hatchet and your Tinderbox. Do not forget that you need 30 coins in your inventory to go to Musa Point. If you want to keep the fish for a future use, fish in Al Kharid, Draynor or in Catherby if you are a member. Note that in Draynor, it is better to have 15 combat so you do not get disturbed by the Dark Wizards even though some people will protect you from them. In Al-Kharid, if you do not have 29 combat, a Scorpion will attack you. It is possible to stop the Scorpion from attacking you: lure him behind this Rockslide, and then run to the Fishing Spot. It will get trapped there.

Net fishing locations

Levels 20-30

Fly fishing rodNow, you will be Fly-fishing Trout to gain access to the fastest experience in Fishing: Salmon AND Trout. You will need to catch 178 trout. Fish in any of the following Rivers: River Lum South (Near Lumbridge), Shilo Village River or River Lum North (Near Edgeville)

TroutSalmonAs Stated before, the fastest way to get to 99 fishing is by Fly-fishing. There are many ways to get 99 Fishing, choose the one you like.

Powerfishing in Lumbridge:

Powerfishing means fishing without banking; it is faster. Powerfishing in Lumbridge consists of fishing in the spot, crossing the northern bridge and selling the fish to the General Store. Usually, Lumbridge's General Store is always empty so you will not have to wait until a space is free. There is also a tree nearby so you can light a fire and cook the fish on it. Sometimes, there will also be someone firemaking over there, so all you have to do is to cook your fish on any fire he makes. There is also a Fireplace that you can use in the General Store.


  • You can make some money by selling fish to the General Store.
  • You do not need someone in order to use this process.


  • You cannot keep fish for later.
  • You have to run a lot in order to use this process.

Lumbridge general store-fishing spot

Powerfishing in Edgeville:

Powerfishing in Edgeville is different from the Lumbridge's Powerfishing method. You have to Login in one of these worlds: 1-3-4-5. There, many low-levels go into the Wilderness so they need food. They will come in the Barbarian Fishing spot and ask for free food. All you have to do is fish there, cut a tree, light a fire, cook the fish and then give to anyone who asks for free fish. Try to get in World 3 because it is the main World for Player-Killing so it might be worth it to wait a little bit and to get in that world.


  • You hardly move so it is fast.


  • You do not make money at all.
  • You cannot keep fish for later.
  • You have to wait for someone to come and ask for food until you can continue, it can slow you down.

Edgeville fishing spot

Banking in Shilo Village:

Energy potionAfter completing the Shilo Village Quest, you have access to Shilo Village. This process is easy; all you have to do is fish and bank. It is the fastest way if you want to keep the fish and you do not want to use teleports. The bank is very close to the river. You can use Energy or Super Energy potions to gain your Energy back. This way is for members only.


  • You can keep fish for later
  • You can make money if you sell the fish when you are done.
  • You do not need anyone to use this method.


  • There is maybe a little waste of Energy when repeating the process many times but you can get that Energy back with Energy Potions.

Banking in shilo village

Banking in Edgeville

If you do not have access to Shilo Village, you can use Edgeville to bank. It is quite close but Shilo Village is better. You have to walk and to run a lot between the Fishing Spot and the bank so your Energy (Running Energy) will drain at a very high rate.


  • You can keep your fish for later.
  • You can make money if you sell the fish when you are done.
  • You do not need anyone to use this method.


  • Your energy is drained very easily so you cannot run constantly

Banking in edgeville

Banking in Edgeville With Teleports

Skull sceptreAmulet of gloryTo use this method, it is recommended to have a fairly high Combat level. It is also a member's-only method. You also need to have some food, many uncharged Amulets of Glory and you need to have access to the Heroes' Guild. The food and the high Combat level are needed since you will have to collect Skull Sceptres. You will need to kill each kind of the new monsters in the Stronghold of Security to obtain each part. Since you can only have one Sceptre at a time, you will need to store the other parts and join them together when one of your Sceptres crumbles to dust.

Now that you have all the needed items, you can start. From Edgeville, Teleport using your Skull Sceptre to the Barbarian Village. When your inventory is full, Teleport using your Amulet of Glory, back to Edgeville. Once there, bank and repeat the process. When all your Amulets are uncharged, charge them in the Hero's Fountain. If you have no remaining parts of the Sceptre, you can collect more parts and repeat the process over and over. To recharge the Amulets of Glory, you have two choices, you can use a Game's Necklace and go to the Heroes' Guild or either Teleport to your House then get out (only if your house is in Taverley).


  • You can keep your fish for later.
  • You can make money if you sell the fish when you are done.
  • You do not need anyone to use the method.
  • This is the fastest way because you hardly walk or run.


  • It may take a lot of time collecting the needed items.

Fishing in edgeville with teles

Banking in Edgeville Using Canoes

This method uses Canoes of the River Lum. The only items needed for this method are a Woodcutting axe, a Fly-Fishing Rod and Feathers. All you have to do is to use a Canoe from Edgeville to the Barbarian Village. Then, run to the Fishing Spot. Once you are done, take the Canoe back to Edgeville, cross the bridge and bank. Repeat the process until you are done. This method is for Members only and 12 Woodcutting is required.


  • You can keep your fish for later.
  • You can make money if you sell the fish when you are done.
  • You do not need anyone to use the method.
  • Using a Canoe is like running but you do not waste your Energy.


  • You need to have 12 Woodcutting in order to use this method.

Banking in edgeville with canoes

Banking in Lumbridge

This method is exactly the same as the Edgeville's one, except it occurs in Lumbridge. In Lumbridge, you can either bank in the third floor or in the Culinaromancer's Chest if you have done the first part of Recipe for Disaster.


  • You can keep your fish for later.
  • You can make money if you sell the fish when you are done.
  • You do not need anyone to use this method.


  • Your energy is drained very easily so you cannot run constantly.

Banking in Lumbridge With Teleports

Law rune31 Magic is a must for this part. You will also need a lot of Law Runes and a lot of Earth Runes and an Air Staff depending on how many fish you plan to fish. Let's say you are now fishing, when you are done, Teleport to Lumbridge, bank, Teleport back to Lumbridge and go back to the Fishing spot. Repeat this process over and over.


  • You can keep your fish for later.
  • You can make money if you sell the fish when you are done.
  • You do not need anyone to use this method.


  • Getting these runes is quite tedious to get and they may be too expensive for you. If you are a Member, you can get free Law Runes if you use the World 66 company.

Banking in lumbridge with teleports

You will need to use between 186,016 and 260,422 Feathers.

Money Making

First Levels: 1-20

You will not make money while passing through these levels unless you follow the Musa Point powerfishing way: fish in the dock and sell to them general store. Do not expect to make a lot of money in the beginning, you still have to wait.

Level 20-30:

Fly-fish until level 30 to be able to catch Salmons to make Fly-fishing easier and faster. You will only need to catch 178 Trout to be 30 Fishing. (Refer to the map above for Fly-Fishing)

Level 30-68:

TroutSalmonYou can start to make money now: Fish the Trout and the Salmon while using one of the ways described above. You will use between 11,834 and 8453 Feathers. You will obviously need to use a process that involves banking.. You can easily sell Trout 50 coins each and the Salmon 75 coins each. From now on, you will always bank to make money..

Level 68-99: (non-members)

Lobster potThis way if for non-member, you will have to catch Lobsters in the Musa Point and bank in Falador until you get 99 Fishing. This is the only way for you to make decent money while fishing. The only choice you have to make is either cooking your fish or selling them without cooking them. Do not cook Lobsters until you reach level 74 in cooking. You will have to catch 138,105 Lobsters in order to be 99 fishing and you will have approximately 34,526,250 coins, depending on the street price. People usually buy Lobsters 250 coins each.

Map to port sarim


Admiral pieFishing potionLobsterIf you are member, this is not your last step. You can now enter the Fishing Guild. Note that you can enter the Fishing Guild at the level 63 with an Admiral Pie or at the level 65 with a Fishing Potion. Fish Lobsters there until you are level 85 Fishing. Fish in the northern dock called often the “h” dock. If you like to be alone, you can fish Lobsters in Jatizso if you have done the Fremennik Isles's quest. The spots are even closer to the bank. You will need to fish 29,485 Lobsters. You can cook Lobster without burning any if you have 68 cooking with Cooking Gauntlets or 74 without these gauntlets. Congratulations, you have reached 85 Fishing, now be ready for the last step. You will make 7,371,250 coins during the process.


MonkfishYou can choose between two methods here. The fastest one is fishing Monkfish in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Why waiting until 85, you may be wondering, while you can catch Monkfish at level 62? Well the answer is easy, with 62 Fishing; you catch Monkfish at a very slow rate. At 85 Fishing, you get a full inventory every 4-5 minutes or so, which is not bad at all. You will have to catch 81,466 Monkfish before getting 99 Fishing. You can easily sell cooked Monkfish 300 coins each and raw Monkfish 320-350 coins each. You will make 24,439,800 coins if you sell cooked monkfish and around 27,291,110 coins if you sell raw monkfish.

SharkIf you have not done the Swan Song quest (this quest gives you access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony), and you still want to make money, you can catch Sharks. Sharks don’t get stuck in your harpoon so easily so if you are not patient, do not fish Sharks. If you really want to fish Sharks, you have two choices: either you go to the Fishing Guild or to Jatizso. Jatizso is highly suggested because the bank is closer. To get to 99 Fishing, with this method, you will need to fish 88,872 Sharks. Do not cook the Sharks unless you have 94 Cooking and Cooking Gauntlets because you will burn a lot and every Shark you burn is less money. Raw Sharks are worth 750 coins each and cooked ones are worth 900 coins each. You will make 66,654,000 coins if you sell raw Sharks and 79,984,800 coins if you sell cooked Sharks.

Shark fishing spots

Congratulations, you are now 99 Fishing. You are now among the best fishermen in the whole world. Either you chose the "Fast experience" way or the "Money-Making" way, you made it until here; it is something that you can be proud of. Now, you can buy your Fishing Cape from Master Fisher, outside of the Fishing Guild.

Fishing achievement cape

Gathering Feathers

FeatherSince Feathers are very important in the task of getting 99 Fishing, it is important to know how to get them.

First of all, if you have a lot of money and you need to buy a lot of Feathers, buy them from other players. People usually sell them for about 5-6 coins each. At this price, you can easily buy a lot of Feathers in World 1.

If you do want to get Feathers fast but without wasting a lot of money, you can go into any Fishing Store. Buy the Feathers until you judge the price is too high for you. You will have to hop worlds many times until you have enough. If you want to choose this method, change your mouse setting to 1 button, it will be faster like that.

Change mouse click to one-button

Fishing stores

  • In the Fishing Guild
  • In Port Sarim
  • In Witchaven
  • In Shilo Village
  • In Rellekka
  • In Miscellenia
  • In Etceteria

If you do not want to spend money at all, you can kill Chickens. Here are the main places where you will find Chickens. Other then the Chicken’s pen in the Champion’s Guild all the others are crowded so you have to choose. Chickent locations

  • Farm North of Lumbridge
  • Farm between Varrock and Lumbridge, near the Cow's pen
  • In the old farm south of Falador
  • In the Champion's Guild
  • Outside the Ranging Guild

Additional Notes

- Quests play an important role in Fishing as they may help you fight the boredom. Here are the ones that give you Fishing experience:

  • Swan Song - 10,000 exp
  • Sea Slug - 7,175 exp
  • Rum Deal - 7,000 exp
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 5,000 exp
  • Fishing Contest - 3,225 exp
  • Fremennik Trails - 2,813 exp
  • Recipe for Disaster - 1,000 exp

- Here are the ones that give you choosable experience that you can give to Fishing:

  • Legends' Quest - 7,650 exp to four skills of your choice.
  • One Small Favour - Two Antique Lamps that give 10,000 exp to two skills of your choice, although they must be at least level 30.
  • A Tail of Two Cats - Two Antique Lamps that give 2,500 exp to any 2 skills of your choice that are level 30 or higher.
  • Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen - An Antique Lamp which gives 2,500 exp to any skill above 30.
  • Darkness of Hallowvale - A Tomb of Experience which gives 2,000 exp to any skill of your choice, per chapter in the book.

    The Great Brain Robbery - gives 5000 exp in a skill of your choice.

- There is a Random Event in Runescape called the Evil Bob. Sometimes he will teleport you to an island where you are trapped. When he falls asleep, you can escape. When you come back to where you were, you will get 650 Fishing or Magic experience, depending on which skill you were training at the time.


- Barb tailed harpoonIf you use a harpoon to fish, it may be worth it to get a Barb-tail harpoon. It is a normal harpoon with a barb-tail tip. What is wonderful about this harpoon is that you can wear it as a weapon. It can be very useful as you have another spot for your fish.

- In some cases, the price might be completely false in some time. Be sure to ask some people you trust before selling the fish.

- MantaSea turtleThere is a cool minigame in which you will use your Fishing skill: The Fishing Trawler. It is a very difficult mini-game so you have to be calm and patient before playing this game. If you want to try this mini-game, make your way to Port Khazard. This mini-game is the only way to catch a Manta Ray or a Sea Turtle.

- If you want to know how many fish you need to catch before having access to the next step, take a look at the Fishing Calculator.

- Cooking gauntletsIf you want to cook the fish you got, you may want to wear Cooking Gauntlets to burn less food. The best ranges to cook on are in Catherby, Al-Kharid and Edgeville. If you have access to the Rogue's Den, then you can cook on an eternal fire very close to the Banker. If you do not know if you still burn that kind of food, you may want to cook on the "Cooking Range" in Lumbridge's Castle, because it is known as the Burn-less Range.

best cooking range locations

- When you fish, you may catch a "Big Bass", a "big Swordfish" or a "Big Shark". These can be stuffed in Canifis and used for your Construction Skill as a trophy or a piece of decoration.

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Fishing Guide List<==

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