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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Magic Help

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Magic Guide List<==

Basically, this is a guide which will get you to the rank of high mages. Mages are a good thing because, according to the combat triangle, warriors will no longer pose a threat to you. This guide is filled with efficient ways to train magic, ways to train by Runes, how to get Runes, the ranks and a step-by-step magic training chart.

Training By Rune

Cosmic Runes Cosmic rune

As everyone knows, cosmic runes are used for enchant spells. Enchant spells give a fair amount of experience and are used for a good purpose. Selling the items that you have enchanted, like Glory Amulets and Rings of Dueling, will probably cover the price that you paid for the cosmic runes (if you bought them, that is).


Nature Runes Nature rune

Behold! The rune that looks like a question mark! These little runes are used for a variety of non-attack spells. There are many ways to train with Nature Runes, too.

Bind, Snare & Entangle:

These spells are very, very, very handy in the wilderness. The only problem is they give low experience. If you master these spells, they will also improve your spell-origin position, which is the main point of these spells. (A.K.A. Where you stand so your enemy can't get you.)

Snare Level 50: Snare


Alchemy changes items to gold. Getting gold from anything is good in magic, especially for paying for the runes. Although this method wont get you 100% money back, it's still pretty efficient. First chop down the highest level tree you can cut down,(willows and up are best), Fletch them into their corresponding long bow and Alch them. If you can cast High-Level Alchemy, you can pretty much get all your money back.


Law Runes Law Rune

For some people, teleportation is runescape's medieval car. What makes it even better is that for every mile you drive, you get more experience! Here are some really good ways to train with laws.

Camelot Teleport:

Oh yeah! This is my personal and all-time favorite way to train. It has a perfect balance of obtaining the runes and the experience gained. Equip an Air staff and all you need are law runes. The law runes can be very easily obtained by following the Fast Free Laws guide. Keep teleporting to Camelot and in a few hundred runes, that's already two to five levels!

Teleporting Level 45: Camelot Teleport

Telekinetic Grab:

This is another useful spell. It earns you forty-three experience which is a fair amount. Ever wonder about those riches you see, but can't quite get? Telekinetic grab is the answer. The riches you get from this spell can sometimes be as much as the cost of the runes, which is always good. Some places to grab from: Lesser Demon Cage, Varrock Bank Vault, Nature Respawn Island (see: Obtaining runes > Nature runes) and much more!

Telekinetic Grab

Battle Runes Mind runeChaos runeDeath runeBlood rune

Those who like the concept of, "Battle=Experience" should like the battle runes. To cast a battle spell, you'll need one of the battle runes (Mind, Chaos, Death and Blood) and some elemental runes (Air, Water, Earth and Fire). The experience for Melee and Range is calculated by the number of damage you do. Magic, however, is calculated by the spells that you cast; so that gives us an advantage. Attack your "Spell Puppet" (see: Miscellaneous > Spell Puppets) with spells and they should all do zero damage. That makes the battle go on until you run out of runes and every spell gets you experience, not the amount of damage.

Battle spells

Body Runes Body rune

Unfortunately, Body Runes aren't used very much. They control the low level curse spells while Soul Runes control the high level ones. However, there's still one way to train with Body Runes and possibly Soul Runes. It is much like the way to train with Battle Runes. Go to your "Spell Puppet" and fire away at least 1000 Curse Spells. Since Curse give more experience that battle spells it is a pretty good way to train. It got me a level every twenty-five casts when I was a young mage! The same goes for soul runes with Vulnerability or Stun.

Obtaining Runes

Law Runes Law rune

The way to obtain law runes is very simple. The way to get it is so efficient that it makes the Teleport Camelot way my favorite way to train. Use the Fast Free Laws guide to get hundreds of laws in no time!

Nature Runes Nature rune

Crafting and using a shop to un-note:

For anyone who likes crafting Nature Runes, but hates having to go to the Gnome Glider, to the bank and all the way back to Shilo Village, this is the way to go. The only downside is that it costs a little money. Here's the way to do it: Take your Nature Tiara, Noted Rune Essence and about seven coins for every Rune essence that you have to the Tai Bwo Wannai general store. Sell twenty-six Essence to the store and buy it all back and it will be un-noted. Craft the Essence and repeat.

Nature Rune Island:

Nature Island is an island in the wilderness that contains the only Nature Rune respawn in the game. It spawns about every seventy seconds which is a pretty good rate. However, there is no way to possibly set foot on to the tiny island. No big deal, mages can just use Telekinetic grab!

Nature rune island

There is also a respawn of Nature runes on a small island north of Rellekka, near the Rock Crabs. This is obviously safer than the respawn in the wilderness, but it's also members-only.

Chaos Runes Chaos rune

Also in the wilderness, is a place called Dark Knight's Castle. It's not the castle near Ice Mountain used in the Black Knight's Fortress Quest, it's a place in about fifteen level wilderness. It's only fifteen level so you can still teleport to safety. On the bottom floor there is a room with respawns of all the Elemental Runes, and another room which contains respawns of Mind Runes, Body Runes and Chaos Runes! They spawn about every seventy seconds and come in five at a time. With some patience you can easily get 100 of them.

Mage Arena Shop

The Mage Arena is a place that has wilderness haven and can get you a God Staff once you are a level sixty mage. In the haven section, there is a man named Lundail who sells almost all the Runes in RuneScape. This is the place to go if you need a heavy load of runes. Other options are the Mage Guild and Zamorak Mage.

Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop


Runecrafting is a skill that enables you to make your own Runes.

Mage Armor

Mage armor

What's a Magician without his or her armor!? Here is a table of strong member Mage armor and its properties.

Mage Armor
PictureType of ArmorMagic Power Boost Magic Defense Boost Stab Defense Boost Slash Defense Boost Crush Defense Boost
Mystic robeMystic Robes 5555000
Infinity robesInfinity Robes 6565101020

Mage Training Plan

Ok, here we go. This is a full plan from training Magic from level one all the way to level ninety-nine. It has complex strategies and the plans and strategies for each level. It has the most effective and efficient way to train for each level and had the most effective ways made into a step-by-step guide.

Level 1-11: Newbie Mage

Unfortunately, this is the most boring part of training. There are no relevant tricks or ideas. What I'd do first is go to Port Sarim jail and use Wind Strike on the inhabitants.

Level 11-19: Mini-Mage

Now things start to heat up. Go to your "Spell Puppet" and Fire away Weaken as much as you can. about 300 casts to get to Level Nineteen. Another thing to do for people who like relevant results is attack the caged Lesser Demon in wizard tower.

Level 19-39: Apprentice Mage

This is a tedious part of training Magic so don't get discouraged! Buy an Earth Staff, 2000 Body Runes and 4000 Water Runes and cast as many Curse spells as you can cast on your "Spell Puppet." My "Spell Puppet" choice for this level is the Monk of Zamorak in Varrock palace.

Level 19: Curse

Level 39-45: Mage

This is now the levels just before becoming able to do the Camelot Teleporting technique. It's pretty tedious having to wait for the High-Level sky rocket technique. The spell that gives the most experience at this time is Crumble Undead so use a few of those on skeletons until you get to level forty-five. Also, Wind Blasting Cows could get you some cowhides which can help with the rune costs.

Crumble undead

Level 45-65: Full-Fledged Mage

Camelot Teleport time! Ya! This is the Technique that sky-rockets your Magic level as a high Mage. The good amount of Law Runes for this training is about 2000. It's easy to obtain them through the Fast Free Laws Guide, even though it might take a few days to accumulate that much. If you're a daredevil and aren't afraid of some dumb ol' wilderness, go ahead and do the plan described in 65-75.


Level 65-75: Super Mage

Now here's a strategy involving the wilderness. The reason its not recommended until level sixty-five is, well, let's just say the place of action isn't always deserted. Go to Nature Rune Island (See: Obtaining Runes>Nature Runes>Nature Island) and Telekinetic Grab the RuneStone respawn on the island until you have about 200 Nature Runes. Then, go cut down some of the best trees that you can cut and fletch them into their corresponding longbow and High-Alch all of them. For the high levels of magic training, this is what you should be focused on. Either keep the money or you can use it to buy new nature runes if you don't like Nature Island.


Level 75-90: Magno-Mage

These are the levels when there isn't really a specific way to train after this. Soul Runes, however, are the closest to an efficient way to train. Try buying some Soul Runes and firing some Vulnerability spells at your "Spell Puppet" to gain some experience. At this time you can also throw Teleother Parties! A Teleother Party is when you and some friends gather at a Teleother Place, say Lumbridge, and keep Teleothering each other to the same area! Also at this time, if you like to p2p, try earning a God Staff at the Mage Arena. Moss Giants in Varrock Sewers are great targets.

Level 90-99: Master Mage

Wow! If you're at this rank, be proud of yourself. This means you're almost there. Do the training methods of your choice and be persistent. These levels are also the worst to give up on so hang in there!

Level 99: Echo of Magic Power

Score! After all this training, having mastered the Mage practice, its time to fully enjoy either a sunny day in RuneScape, or be Master of the dark regions of the wilderness

Other Info

All this guide I've been talking about "Spell Puppets" and if you've been wondering what they are, here is an explanation. Spell puppets are trapped monsters that you can easily practice your spells on. Each has a different spell recommendation for it so here is a table:

Spell Puppets
Monk of Zamorak Behind stairway in Varrock Palace High and low-level curses -
Lesser Demon Wizard Tower top floor Strike spells It's multi-combat, so kill them quickly!
Skeletons Taverley Dungeon Crumble Undead Hide behind the rockslides
Ardougne Zoo Animals Ardougne Zoo Any-
Zombies Magic Guild Dungeon Strike spells Great target for 0-damage training
Moss Giants End of Varrock Sewers High and low-level curses -
Greater Demons Ogre Caves, left-hand cage Blast spells Cool drops!
Hell Hounds Members-Only Wilderness gate Ancient Magicks Hide behind fence and shoot Ancient Magick spells

Wizard Mind bomb

Only a few levels away from the next strategy? Drink up and you'll no longer have to wait. Buy fifty and keep them in your bank for when you need them.


Runecrafting is a skill every mage should be fairly good at (27 and up). It allows you to make some of the high level runes which can be very irritating to get.

Ancient Magicks

Ancient Magicks are received after the Desert Treasure Quest and are an entire new set of spells! With new levels of rank and four new types of spell element they can be pretty fun! The only problem is that they give less experience than normal spells and cost a bunch of Runes for a single spell. Save them for events like PKing or Castle wars!

Other Notes

Save Ancient Magicks for show,

Save Blood Runes for God Spells.

Good Luck with Magic!

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Magic Guide List<==

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