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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prayer Help

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Prayer Guide List<==

This guide will help you raise your prayer quickly and, hopefully, raise your knowledge about the skill.

Freeplay Tips

Levels 1 - 20

Now, at your current prayer level, your combat will probably be rather low. To start with just kill men or chickens in Falador or Varrock, or collect them from the goblin house near Lumbridge. Collect all the bones that are dropped and store them. Once you have the correct amount of bones needed you can just bury them. The goblin house can be found here:

Route to the goblin house near Lumbridge

The chickens near Falador can be found here:

The chicken farm south of Falador

Men can be found in most places, such as cities like Falador and Varrock, or wandering around on the road.

Number of Bones Needed: 994

Levels 21 - 40

Now your combat should be a little higher. Depending on your combat level you could go and attack hill giants in Edgeville Dungeon for big bones. I recommend 40+ combat for this. Otherwise just continue killing men. The Edgeville Dungeon can be found here:

The Edgeville Dungeon

Number of Bones Needed: 7,279 Normal Bones or 2,184 Big Bones.

Levels 41 - 60

Now you should be at least 50 + combat. You should now kill hill giants for the best bones available to free players at a better rate, due to your combat level. You can also raise stats like : Melee, Ranged and Magic. This should raise your combat to the high 60's or low 70's.

Number of Bones Needed: 15,768 Big Bones.

Levels 61 +

Firstly, I suggest you take a break and raise something more relaxing like woodcutting and firemaking. When you wish return to prayer raising just stay with hill giants but they should be easier now. This should probably raise your combat to near 100.

Number of Bones Needed: To level 99 you need 850,713 Big Bones, but by now you should be a P2P member.

Members-Only Tips

Usually if you're a member, your prayer will be above 20, but we will start with level 1 anyway, just in case.

Levels 1 - 20

If you are a member and above 35 combat you can probably kill Hill Giants for big bones, then Ectofuntus them. If not, just kill normal men, as mentioned in the F2P ways.

Number of bones: 249 Ectofuntus Bones or 75 Ectofuntus Big Bones.

Levels 21 - 40

Now you will be training towards protection prayers. This will take a little longer, but using the Ectofuntus will make it much quicker. Just stick with big bones and you will be done in no time.

Number of Bones Needed: 546 Ectofuntus Big Bones.

Levels 41 - 60

Now your aiming for level 60 prayer. With this you're prayer will last longer and it is very helpful. You should now be a high enough level to either mage, range or use a halberd to kill the zogres in Ardougne zoo, or you can kill Baby Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon.

Taverley dungeon is found here:

The Taverly Dungeon

The route is to go from the west bank in Falador, and then go south for a few seconds. You will reach a crumbling wall which you can climb over. Climb over it and head northwest.

Number of Bones Needed: 2,628 Ectofuntus Big Bones or 1,971 Ectofuntus Baby Dragon Bones.

Note: If you want to, you can kill Green Dragons in the wilderness or Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon. You will need to Ectofuntus 822 proper Dragon Bones.

Levels 61 - 99

Once you have gotten this far, well done! You should now take a break and train a more relaxing skill. When you feel ready to get back to Ectofuntusing bones dragon bones are a must. Also, once you have done Zogre Flesh Eaters quest you have access to Zogres. These drop 100% zogre bones and 100% ancestral key.

You should bank the bones, as there is a nasty random event if you bury these in the dungeon. The key opens a coffin. In these you can find a number of things (including normal Zogre bones), but with regard to prayer the most important are Raurg, Fayrg and Ourg bones. Use these with Ectofuntus and you can get up to 560xp for one Ourg bone.

The normal Zogre bones burry for 22.5xp (Ectofuntus: 90xp). Zogres are best ranged with Ogre Composite bow and Brutal arrows. The fastest way to bank is Ring of Dueling to Castle Wars. Run back and repeat the process.

Number of Bones Needed: 44,308 Ectofuntus dragon bones, 141,786 Ectofuntus Zogre bones.

Note: When raising your prayer in p2p it is advised to always use Ectofuntus to save a lot of time, and for that matter, money.

Quests for Experience

There are over 100 quests in RuneScape now, but for raising prayer there are only a few quests to give you that extra bit of experience. These quests are:

  • The Holy Grail - 11,000 exp
  • Swan Song - 10,000 exp
  • Spirits of the Elid - 8,000 exp
  • Rum Deal - 7,000 exp
  • The Great Brain Robbery - 6,000 exp
  • Another Slice of H.A.M. - 3,000 exp
  • Ghosts Ahoy - 2,400 exp
  • Land of the Goblins - 2,000 exp
  • Mountain Daughter - 2,000 exp
  • Priest in Peril - 1,406 exp
  • Restless Ghost* - 1,125 exp
  • Recruitment Drive - 1,000 exp
  • Making History - 1,000 exp
  • Rag and Bone Man - 500 exp (plus an additional 5,000 exp from completing the minigame afterwards)


  • Priests Need Rest - 13,750 exp

Helpful Objects

There are many different types of armour and robes in Runescape that either look good or give a bonus of some sort. There are also robes and armour sets and even weapons that give prayer bonuses. These are:

  • Initiate bodyInitiate Armour: + 14 for full set
  • White PlatebodyWhite Armor: each weapon or piece of armor varies from +1 to +3 Prayer
  • Proselyte HauberkProselyte Armor: +17 for full set
  • Priest Robe TopPriest robes: + 6 for full set
  • Zammy  Robe TopZamorak robes: + 6 for full set
  • Monk  Robe TopMonk robes: + 11 for full set
  • Druid Robe TopDruid robes: + 8 for full set
  • Shade RobeShade robes: + 10 for full set
  • Verac's SkirtVeracs Barrows set: + 18 for full set
  • Lava CapeFire cape: + 2
  • Dragon MaceAll maces, ranging from + 1 for bronze to + 5 for dragon
  • Guthix bookPrayer books - Saradomin, Zamorak, Guthix: + 5
  • Glory AmuletAmulet of Glory: + 3
  • Salve AmuletSalve Amulet: + 4;
  • Power AmuletDiamond Amulet of Power: + 1
  • Holy SymbolGod symbols: Saradomin and Zamorak: + 8 for both

Good luck with getting your prayer to 99, you're going to need it!

==>All Runescape Guide List<==

==>Runescape Prayer Guide List<==

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