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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tips About Free Runescape Account

In now days, many sites have promotion sale activities. They may send free Runescape Account to customers. It is happy to get a free account from them. But do you dare to pay much energy and money on the free account? When you get such kind of account, I suggest that you should set recovery questions firstly to ensure the security of your account. If you find the questions are already seted. I think you should give up that account. It is not safe. All the effort you done for this account maybe wasted.

But some other kinds of free Runescape accounts are worth to train. One of my friend had given me an account as a gift. I like it very much, even now, i am playing this account. I believe that this kind of free accounts are very safe. You can purchase Runescape gold or items for this account.

There is another kind of Runescape free accounts. Some guys are proficient in hacking account. Lol, they can get any kind of account they like. But i don’t think it is a right way to get free accounts. Everyone cherish his own account, someone even seems their account is as important as his life. Hack others’ accounts may take many inconvenience to others, and when you are playing other’s account. I believe you cant enjoy yourself in the game completely.

The best way to get an Runescape account must be purchasing an account in a site of good reputation. You can choose any account you like. How wonderful~ I have few tips for account buyer here.

Firstly, when you purchase an account, you should make sure that the seller has high credit standing. Or you may be cheated by others. There are tens of millions of cheaters in internet.

In the next, you should set the recovery question as soon as possible to avoid others hack your account.

At last, you should choose an account fit for you. Or you are wasting money.

After all, there is no free lunch in this world. If you are a game lover and you want to get an account. I suggest that you can buy an account. At least you can use this account without any worries.

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