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Friday, March 20, 2009

100% Proven Making Money Guide in Runescape

How I got 10 million+ gp on Runescape as a non member

Money can be a huge asset in runescape. Instead of "wasting" time killing giants to get big bones, trying to get to 43 prayer, a rich player can simply shell out around 3 mil and get the required amount of big bones in a few seconds! This was how I got my prayer level up. Now many of you think that membership or high combat levels are required to get rich, but my account is only level 56, it is a non member and yet I have 9 million gp! How did I do it? This is a question I always get in game, and here, I will share my secret to becoming a rich non member, starting from scratch.

Skills = CA$H!

Skills are the way to gaining money on runescape, not combat stats. This guide can be used by anyone from level 3 to 126. I will not explain the different ways to make money since I have never used fishing/woodcutting and therefore do not know if they are profitable. However, mining and smithing got me well on my way to the path of wealth.

Mine Till You Drop!

Firstly, mine lots of tin and copper ores until you have enough to make at least 200 bronze bars. This will not take all that long and remember to keep upgrading your pickaxes everytime you can as they will save a lot of time. Smelt all the bars at once at al kharid and then head to varrock where you should turn them into whatever you can. Sell at the grand exchange or general stores.

Continue in this trend with iron ores and eventually steel. However, in my case, I mined and smith iron until my smithing level was 46, at which point I started making steel bars. Do Not Smith Your Steel Bars Until You Have Level 48 Smithing! This is very important! Just keep banking the bars and when you finally arrive at level 48 smithing, the money will start rolling in!


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