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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

While Guthix Sleeps Quest Guide

While Guthix Sleeps Guide,


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While Guthix Sleeps Guide by HOOS3, please reprint reference.

While Guthix Sleeps is the first grandmaster quest. Jagex official posted a very very long evaluation about it. It is hard, but the incentives are also very rich.

This is the acreenshots when I finished this quest.

While Guthix Sleeps

It includes 400k xp and a random ruin dragon metal piece which worth 10M ( the initial price)

This quest also demonds high requirements.

Level 23 Summoning, Level 55 Hunter, Level 60 Thieving, Level 65 Defence, Level 65 Farming, Level 65 Herblore, Level 75 Magic, Defender of Varrock, Dream Mentor, Hand in the Sand, King's Ransom, Legends' Quest, Mourning's Ends Part II (The Temple of Light), Path of Glouphrie, Recipe for Disaster, Summer's End, Swan Song, Tears of Guthix, Zogre Flesh Eaters, be eligible for entry to the Warriors' Guild, have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels, 270 Quest Points.

270 quest points means you need to finish all the quest before.

Quest process:

1.Start the quest by talking with Radimus Erkle in legend guild. He will tell you to look for Ivy Sophista.

2. Ivy Sophista is at the second floor of dragon stone building in Taverley.

3. Talk with Ivy Sophista, choose "Our friend in common places great faith in totems".

4. Then talk with Thaerisk Cemphier beside, two level 38 killer will appear. Kill them and then talk with Thaerisk Cemphier again, you will know how to go to varrock library

5. Talk with Reldo in varrock library, you will know that you need to search Movario. You need an kind of animals to help you search him. Reldo advise you to look for hunter expert for help.

6. Take your knife and logs to the hunter expert’s house in Feldip Hills. Hunter expert will tell you how to catch broav and he will give you a Mort Myre Fungi.

7. Make a pitfall trap in west and put the fungi on it. You can catach a broav easily. Then take the broav to hunter expert’s house, he will help you to training the hunter expert to be your pet.

8. Go to laundry house in Fight Arena and talk with laundryman, pay 5000 GP or take ring of charos, then you can get dirtycloth in Movario.

9. Go to Khazard Battleground, find a house with broken table. Put your broav beside the table, use dirtycloth on broav, you will find a trap door.

10. Go down and walk inside, walk down the staris, you will find a closed door.

While Guthix Sleeps

There are five different kinds of doors. You will get a random one.

While Guthix Sleeps

Check word “PROHIBITED” and find which character is instead of rune, then put this kind of rune on the door. Don’t open the door directly. You may get 35 points hurt and posioning.

11. After you enter it, search the painting in east. You can enter a small house and you will find weights and thermometer, you will need the soon.

12. Search bookcase, untill find the message “CLICK!", or it isn’t the right bookcase.

13. When you find the right bookcase, the lead on the ground will shine. Walk along the lead to search the next bookcase, you will get "CLICK!" message again.

14. When you get all the bookcase, the iron door with lightning will open, pay attention to search floor bedore you go upstairs. There are traps on the ground, it will cost 19hp.

15. Search deak after you go upstairs, you will find Movarios' notes volume 1. Pick uo the paper basket, search it, you will find Ruby key. Use the Ruby key to search the bookcase beside.

16. Search the contraption, a stairs will appear. Don’t touch the treasure box, it will hurt you 50hp.

17. Go upstairs and search bed. There will appear a trap. Reamove it you will getStrange key loop, Strange key teeth, and Movarios' notes volume 2.

18. Go back to first floor, check the temperature gauge of the house, you will get a number. Let’s say, "40 tickits". Then check your weight. If your weight is 41KG, then you need 41-40 =1kg’s weight. Search the weights beside, and choose a 1KG weight. Go back to second floor, put the 1KG on the status, then you can get out from the door beside. If you put a wrong weight, you will put in prison. All the items will be expropriated. You need to do the quest again.

19. Talk with Thaerisk Cemphier in Taverly when you get out. You need to take the Key Parts, Volume 1 and Volume 2 which you get from the secret base. He will ask you to monite Luicen’s activity in McGrubor's Wood.

20. Go to McGrubor's Wood which is on the west of seer village. You will find lucien army is attacking armadyl guards. Kill Mercenary Axemen(Level 88) and Mercenary Mage and then talk with hurted Guardian of Armadyl. He will ask you to search Idria.

21. Idris is on the second floor in seer village pub. He will ask you to find falador.

22. Got to falador park and talk with Sir Tiffy Cashien there. Then walk to White Knights' Castle.

23.Talk with Thaerisk Cemphier, Akrisae and Idria in White Knights' Castle. They will ask you to go to draynor village. Put teleorb on the spy in lucien.

24. Go to draynor bank aroun and put the teleorb on Shady stranger’s body. After you sucessfully finished that, come back and talk with Thaerisk. The spy will be teled in the cage.

25. They try to force the spy drink the truth serum. But they failed. You need to produce a new truth serum.

26. Take lantern lens, Snapdragon seed, 20 coins, Seed dibber.. Go to runeshop in Port Sarim and find Betty. Put the pink dye on len, and then shine the snapdragon seed on the table with pink lens. It will change into enchanted snapdragon seed. Then Betty will sell you regular truth serum.

27. Go back to falador, talk with Thaerisk and then go to the patch on the third floor of the castle. Seed the enchanted snapdragon seed. Then go downstairs and talk with Idria. He will ask you to get 4 heros and

28. Go back to falador and talk with Thaerisk, the take enriched snapdragon. After you finish it, put it in truth serum. Then you own super truth serum.

29. Take charcoal, papyrus, put the super truth serum on spy. After the talk, you will get a sketch. Give the sketch to Idria. He will ask you to recruit more heros. They are : Ghommal, Sloane, Harrallak Menarous( all in Warriors guild) and Cyrisus ( you can talk with the NPC contact in lunar spell)

30. After you collected all the heros, you can go back to falador and talk with Idria. He will ask you to find the lost Silif.

31. Then you need to go to black knight fortress. You need to take Unpowered orb, runes to cast Charge Air Orb spell, Bronze medium helm, Iron chainbody. Because elite black knight can use prayer sutomaticly. You should take melee and range equipments, also remember food and prayer pot.

32. Wear Bronze medium helm, Iron chainbody and enter black knight fortress. Push the wall on the north, climb down ladder. There is a shining wall on the east. Then cast Charge Air Orb, a stairs will appear, go down.

33. There are many enemies inside. When you kill 3 elite knight, you need change the amor. You can get a suit elite black armor.

While Guthix Sleeps

As soon as you euipt the armor, all the enemies won’t attack you initiativly.

34. Walk to north, jump broken bridge, and walk east, cliam the wall. Then go west and turn east at the cross. You will find some prisons. And talk with Silif, he need a food and a restore potion.

35. Go back to the cross and then turn north, search the desk and wardobes, you can get dagonhai robe. Keep them, you will need it somedays.

While Guthix Sleeps

You will also find another Elite Black armour, a Strange teleorb, a Lobster and a Restore potion. Also, you can find cell key on the key rack.

36. Go back and use key on the door, use food, restore potion on Silif. Use elite armor on Silif. He will wear the armor and follow you.

37. Go back to the north room, and talk with Silif. He will ask you to put the teleorb on the person named dark squall in the room. Use teleorb on dark squall. You will find that all will attack you. You should tele out and go back falador.

38. When you go back to falador, talk with Akrisae. He will ask you to wear Dagon'hai, law rune and death rune. Talk with Akrisae, he wil transfer you to the Dagon'hai robe room. There is a stairs in the room. After you claim, stand at the center of the picture. Activate Strange teleorb, then you will be transferred to luicen base.

39. Walk to Northeast, claim ice ladder, then jump to chapel in the wild. Then you will find a long cutscene. All the heros you collected will be killed by Luicen.

40. Then you will be attacked by knight upstairs, jump back to ice ladder,. Transfer yourself to falador.

41. When you are back to falador, talk with Akrisae, he will ask you to go to the hole in lumby where you make tear of guthix.You need to take Sapphire lantern and dagon'hai robe.

42. After you enter the hold, talk with Movario, you will know that you need to go down the abyss. Use Sapphire lantern on the light creatures. Then choose into the chasm. Movario will cast a speel to transfer you to the abyss.

43. Search the skeletons, you will find Hammer, Chisel, Spade, Silver Sickle (b), and Druid pouch.

44. Use hammer and chisel on the stone, there are two stone for you the search. You will find a fire orb and a earth orb.

45. To the south and then you will see 3 holes shaped of the skull. The machinery here is from person to person. the whole is you have used up all four orb, and then search 2 in the middle layer of stone pillars, the top of the hole Will be open. You need to crawl into a cave below the skull to use your orb.

46. Once the hole above opens, you can enter the Ancient Guthix Temple

47. There are 8 alter in this region. Chech every alter, you will find they correspond to the 8 potion. You need to use it on the altar in the corresponding potion of the two materials.You will get a dolmens. When you finish collecting 8 dolmens. Put them on the big round table in the temple. The door will be open.

48. You can find all the materials you need for potion from druid spirit in temple. .Use Druid Pouches on Druid Spirit, every spirit will drop two kinds of materials. If you use the druid pouches, you can use cast bloom Silver Sickle on the dead vein to make druid pouches easily.

49. When the door is open, you should prepare for the war. Also you need to prepare food, pot, melee and range aomor.

50. Into the inside, you will find a huge sphere. Touch it, there will be Balance Elemental. It uses 3 kinds of attacks, corresponding to the choice of prayer to protect themselves.

51. After kill it, touch the stone. Movario will appear, also Luicen will appear.He would call a 2 400-Tormented Demons. But this war will be very simple, because your fighting skills, including HP would be To 255. With attacks kill 2 after the demon. Idria and dialogue, he will let you back falador.

52. Back to the falador after talk with Idria, Congratulations!! You have completed the first grandmaster quest. You will randomly award Ruined dragon armor lump, Ruined dragon armor shard, Ruined dragon armor slice. Plus 400K.

After the mission, you can return to the Ancient Guthix Temple kill torment demon. They will lose dragon armor piece and dragon claw. Enjoy!!


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