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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Milestone in the development of runescape gold market

Milestone in the development of RuneScape gold market

Recall the ways I have go through, I feel deeply. Especially for Runescape, at the very beginning I am lack of understanding. But I got familiar with this game slowly and then gradually I fell in love with this game. I find that this game worth you to play. Also the game story and characters are attractive. There are two significant updates of this game. The first one is the Jagex official limited the trade in the end of 2007, and the other is the HD version came out on 14th, Jul., 2008. The HD version enchanced the beauty of this game and attracted a large number of players involved in the game. Indeed its influence is very big.

In the game, RS gold directly connected to everyone. Just like in real life, how much money you have in your wallet If you don’t have RS gold, you cant survive in the game. This we all known by everyone, so the demand for gold in the games is inevitable. There are many ways to make gold, but at the beginning or in the urgent need to buy super equipment, the purchase of gold has become a habit or a fashion. RS increasingly large consumer market is similar to a country's economic development. RS games have their own internal economic balance. With the development of the world economy, people's increasing consumer demand for natural input RS has been improved to such an extent. So that RS official made gold trading limits, Such a measure would have a great effect, but also loss of a large number of players. I think JAGEX is under a lot of determination. This period is a relatively difficult period, but they reached their goal, and also received the expected results .

With the launch of Runescape HD version, Jagex provides higher quality images and more entertainment for majority customers. I have no reason to give up this game. RS itself has been the attempt of this game for the long-term development. In fact, RS is a very successful games, it continues to innovate and progress. It’s also a shocking development. I believe that the RS will go better.

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