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Friday, July 4, 2008

Runescape Dungeon Guides: Dwarven Tunnel

Article From runescape.salmoneus.net,Written By Magic Star94

Special Thanks to Flummoxer, Simple013

The Dwarven Tunnel is just a little shortcut from Catherby to Taverley, or vice versa. You must have completed the Fishing Contest quest (very easy) to use it. Using this tunnel saves time, because you don't have to go on the long and confusing White Wolf Mountain.

Getting There

One entrance is just north of Catherby, and the other entrance is south-west of the Heroes' Guild.

2 Entrances to the tunnel: north of Catherby (left) and north of Taverly (right).

When you are at either of the two entrances, climb down the stairs and then you will end up in a tunnel.

Climb down these stairs to enter the dungeon

Map of the Dungeon

Dwarven tunnel Map

Inside the Dungeon

There is a bar in the east part of the tunnel, and lots of dwarves. Khorvak, a dwarven engineer invites you to have a dwarven stout.

Khorvak, a dwarven engineer

There are a total of 3 respawns on the tables in the bar. A dwarven stout adds +1 to your mining and smithing level.

A Dwarven Stout

Just to the east of the bar, we have mine cart rides! Speak to the Cart Conductor, and you can buy a ticket to Keldagrim for 100gp, or 75gp if you are wearing a Ring Of Charos (a). This cart is used in the Giant Dwarf, and you can only ride it after you start that quest. You can also see the mine cart in the dwarven mines.


Dwarves - Level 20

Dwarf - level 20

Khorvak, a dwarven engineer

Khorvak, a dwarven engineer



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