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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Runescape Quest Guide: As a First Resort

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==>Runescape Quest Guide List<==

Runescape Quest Start: Begin by speaking to Chief Tess, located in Oo'glog, South of the Feldip Hills.

Runescape Skills: 48 Hunter, 51 Firemaking, 58 Woodcutting.

Quests: Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Zogre Flesh Eaters.

What You Need: 4 Wolf Bones, 8 Larupia Fur, Bird Snare, Box Trap, 8 Achey Tree Logs, 10 Eucalyptus Logs, Logs, 2 Raw Chompies, 4 spears of any kind(except bone spears and poisoned spears), Hatchet, Tinderbox, Knife, 8 Stripy Feathers.

Getting Started

Click here to see a full-sized version of this map.

Head to Oo'glog, south of the Hunter area in the Feldip Hills. Once there talk to Chief Tess.

Chief Tess

She will say that they are not open yet, and that the bossy human in the bank will say when they open. Ask her what is going on, and she will explain that the human came to Oo'glog and started asking many questions. Chief Tess agreed to help her in her 'business venture'. Talk to Tess again about the 'business venture', Tess will explain that they were promised 'shiny pretties' to let other creatures bathe in the mud around their camp. Ask if you can help, and she will ask you to talk to the lady in the bank, Balnea.


Talk to her, and she will rejoice in seeing another human.

Balnea: Oh, thank goodness - another proactive, forward-thinking human!

Ask her what's going on and she will use a lot of big words that will confuse your character. She seems distressed, so ask her what's wrong. She will say they don't have enough human resources to start the business. She has obtained ogre resources, but it isn't going so well. She will offer you to help her with the resort. Agree, and she will tell you that she tried to help her father expand his bar in Yanille. When it wouldn't work and she got overstressed, she left on a hunter vacation. When she discovered Oo'glog she was amazed at what the hot springs could do, and wanted to open a resort. However, the ogres aren't cooperating. She will ask you if you can help while she teaches the ogres how to be proper bankers. Agree and she will ask you to help her establish the catering facilities. Some, very basic catering services. She will want you to help the ogre chef with a spit roast. Agree to help Chargurr with cooking.

Head north of the bank, and talk to Chargurr.


Eucalyptus logsShe needs a big fire for the spit roast, unfortunately it needs to be big. Bring her 8 Achey tree Logs, and 10 Eucalyptus logs. Achey Trees can be found all over the feldip hills. Eucalyptus trees can be found outside Oo'glog.

A eucalyptus tree

Bring these to her and you will put them in the fire pit. Now she needs 4 spears of any kind. Note: The spears cannot be poisoned. Who would want to eat poisoned chompy? In order to get poison off of the spears, you need a cleaning cloth. You can get one by using Karamja Rum with Silk. Bring her these and then you will automatically use them on the achey trees next to the pit. Now bring her 2 raw chompy birds. You can get chompy birds the same way you got them in Big Chompy Bird Hunting. She will once again want you to put them on the fire pit. After that, light the fire with a tinderbox.

The giant fire pit

Talk to Chargurr again, and she will say that Balnea has some more things for you to do. Go to her.

Now she needs you to talk to the hotel manager, Snurgh and help her sort out a problem she has.

Go East to the building closest to the ocean and talk to her.


Snurgh will tell you that Balnea has requested that they need pillows for the hotel. Unfortunately, she used raw meat, the softest thing she knows. You suggest that she makes pillows out of feathers. She will ask you to bring her 8 stripy feathers. You can obtain Stripy feathers from Tropical Wagtails. Read the Hunter guide for info on catching them. It should only take 2 Tropical Wagtails to get enough feathers. Bring them Snurgh and head back to Balnea.

She needs you to head to the salon and talk to Kringk. Head to the building east of the bank and talk to her.


She wants to know how you do hair with no tools. Tell her you'd be happy to get anything you need for her. She needs 4 wolf bones, and 8 Larupia Fur. The bones can be obtained by killing wolves. The fur you get from hunting Larupia. Look in the hunter guide for more info on catching Larupias. Any kind of Larupia fur is needed. Bring them to Kringk and go back to Balnea.

Now she needs you to talk to Seegud in a house northeast of the bank.


She needs you help with the bug infestation. She tells you that you need to find a fire pit and burn things to make the smell the bugs hate. In order to find out the smell, she has laid stones near every fire pit. The stones differ in amounts and shapes, to tell you what to burn.

With every long brown rock, add a eucalyptus log to the pit. Every fire needs one.

Fever grassWhen you see a green lumpy rock, add Fever Grass.

Patch of Fever grass

PrimweedWhen you see a round red rock, add Primweed.

Patch of Primweed

TansymumWhen you see a yellow, egg shaped rock, add Tansymum.

Patch of tansymum

StinkbloomWhen you see an orange square rock, add Stinkbloom.

Patch of Stinkbloom

LavenderWhen you see a tall purple rock, add Lavender.

Patch of lavender

All these items can be obtained from around Oo'glog. Look at the map above for the locations.

However, the little ogre children have mixed up the rocks, so you need to find out what rocks they moved where. Talk to the ogre children north of Seegud's house. They will help you with what plants go where. Remember, every fire requires Eucalyptus logs.

You need to try several combinations before you get it right. Write down what plant went where so you don't end up using the same plant over and over again. As a strategy it makes sense to start with the pool north east of Seegud's house and put the one item and log originally asked for, while having your inventory stocked with the other stuff in sets of four, and the rest eucalyptus logs. Then when you find it didn't work, you only wasted one log and item.

After clearing all the pools of bugs, talk to Seegud , then Balnea, then Chief Tess in order to learn how to hunt in the village.

The chief explains how herbs can be used as bait and burned to lead each hunter animal. You use:

  • Lavender to lead and bait Platypodes, not Fever Grass (which causes them to attack and poison you) You need to catch all 4.
  • Tansymum to lead and bait Wimpy Birds , not Fever Grass, not Lavender (which causes them to peck you) You need to catch all 5.
  • Fever Grass to bait and lead Diseased Kebbits , not Tansymum (which makes them attack and disease you) You need to catch all 4.

When you catch all the Platypodes, head to the beach to the north-east. Once there, release the platypodes. They will each give you a casket or an oyster. Caskets carry a variety of items while oysters will give you pearls that you can make into pearl bolt-tips with a chisel.

After that, head back to Balnea, and watch the ensuing cutscene.

The Varrock Herald

Talk to Balnea again and finally, Quest Complete!

Congratulations, As a First Resort Quest complete!


  • Oo'glog Hunter Area and Platypus pet.
  • Access to Spa facilities.
  • 15,000 Firemaking experience, 15,000 Hunter experience, 15,000 Woodcutting experience.
  • 1 Quest Point

Spa Pool

The spa pools give different bonuses:

  • Mud Pool: Temporarily gives Hunter a good sized bonus depending on your Hunter level
  • Thermal Pool: Gives a temporary Hitpoints bonus, fully heals you, and cures Poison and Disease. Also gives 20 minute immunity to Disease.
  • Salt Water Pool: Unlimited Run Energy for a certain amount of time, depending on your agility level
  • Sulphur Pool: Restores Prayer and give a +8 boost to Prayer that will only deplete when used
  • Bandos Pool: Marks you as a Bandos follower for 1 hour

The Bandos Pool will make it so that the Bandos creatures in the God Wars dungeon won't attack you.

Platypus Pet

The Platypus pet requires 10 Summoning. At 20 Summoning your able to talk to it. You need to catch one with a box trap outside of Oo'glog.

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==>Runescape Quest Guide List<==

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