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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

cheap dragon claws

Dear customer,

As with all Dragon equipments, D Claws is the exception that can’t be made by smith skill. In past 2 month, this equipment has become extremely rare, price raised from original 210K on 27-Nov to 80M today, this is a incredible change. Now players are willing paying 10+ times more than the GE price for a single set, because Dragon claws are very powerful. For letting more players have chances to feel the power of the Dragon claws.Usfine currently has Dragon Claws for lending. There is no need for you to spend millions of money to buy dragon claws, you just need to pay little money for equipment lending, and then you will able to equip D claws, you can take some screenshots for treasure, this is much worth to do!

So what are you waiting for? Come get it!

dragon claw

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URL: http://www.usfine.com/Dragon-claws-p-82491.html

From: http://www.usfine.com/cheap-dragon-claws-news-82493.html

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